Quick Bit: Stanza & eReader Become Friends


When it comes to eBook reading on the iPhone, Stanza is our app of choice. Best of all? It’s free.

With access to 10’s of thousands of books, it has a ridiculous selection of reading material and now that selection just got bigger. A lot bigger.

Fellow GigaOm site, jkOnTheRun, broke the news this morning about eBook mammoth, eReader now licensing their eBook technology for use on Stanza. This pushes Stanza’s selection of books up in the 100,000+ range.

With that sort of selection of books, you really should give Stanza a try.



Stanza is very cool. I’ve been reading the included book “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells. BUT, it doesn’t seem to play nice with my first generation iPod touch. I can get it to shake hands with the companion desktop application to share books, but my iPod will not recongize any books on the desktop application. I can’t find help in the forums, except for another question similar to mine without an answer. I wish they had better customer support or help information.

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