Netbooks can do anything a notebook can do

Netbooks are just small laptops.  Nothing more and nothing less.  They run either Linux or Windows and can do virtually anything that their larger siblings can do.  Maybe they do it a bit slower but as a rule they can do it given enough time.

Many folks surf the web, watch videos and do email on their netbooks.  That’s not a surprise because those are the common tasks we tend to do on every computer we’re using.  The more adventurous netbook users may do spreadsheet work or word processing and that’s no surprise.  These are laptops after all.

My question to you (since it’s a slow news day) is simple: what’s the most "out of the ordinary" thing you’ve done on your netbook?  Kevin might say it’s installing OS X on his so that won’t count here.  I’m reaching out to find out what you use your little laptop for that might not have occurred to the rest of us.  Maybe we’ll all learn something from this.  Leave a comment and let us know.


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