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iPod touch Gets VoIP Thanks to Truphone

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The iPhone no longer gets to have all the VoIP fun among Apple handhelds, thanks to the just released Truphone for iPod touch. The release comes hard on the heels of the official release of the new In-Ear premium headset compatible with the 2G iPod touch, and the timing is probably not coincidental.

Truphone Touch allows users with Truphone accounts to make VoIP calls to each other using either iPod/iPhone, Nokia, or Blackberry smartphones. Google Talk and other open VoIP networks are also supported. The app comes from an established pedigree, since the original Truphone app is one of the most downloaded and highest rated VoIP apps available.

The app is significant because it ushers in an entirely new level of functionality for iPod touch owners. Truphone turns Apple’s portable media player into a true communication device, although with the iPod touch version you’re limited to calling other VoIP users, and not able to dial out to actual numbers, as you can with the original iPhone app. It’s likely that the app could also support dialing out, but Apple might be preventing the company from offering this feature, as it could potentially affect iPhone sales. As it stands, the app could potentially replace home phones, many of which are barely used as more and more consumers move to cellular-only setups.

Truphone stands to gain the most from the app, so long as no other VoIP services receive iPod touch compatibility updates. Truphone-to-Truphone is, after all, the only way for iPod Touch users to call each other, so they’ll likely see a significant spike in subscribers. It probably won’t be too long before other VoIP clients follow suit, though, so expect Skype-capable iPod Touches just around the corner.

Get Truphone for iPod touch free in the App Store.

19 Responses to “iPod touch Gets VoIP Thanks to Truphone”

  1. I have been using truphone and it works great but the end end of the call will need to have a truphone as well. I came across a site that offers free international calls from any mobile device and you do not need a voip sip client. please let me know if you find any service that allows free service. Most people in South America and other exotic places do not have smart phone and cannot afford the phone to run truphone client.

  2. doug foulger

    hi, so i have an itouch and i got a truphone account on it. i called my verizon phone with it and it went through. does this cost anything? and if it does, where is it charged to?

  3. frankinvan

    both comment #1 and 2 are wrong. you can call any line with Truphone on your touch, i just did it. Comment # 2 if you have a first gen itouch it will not work. You need 2nd gen with updated itouch software. good luck

  4. Its a greatidea but when I went into the App Store on my iPod Touch to download “Truphone for iPod Touch” I get “Application Not Compatible: This application can only be used on an iPhone”…. very niiiiiiiiice…. HA!

  5. “although with the iPod touch version you’re limited to calling other VoIP users, and not able to dial out to actual numbers, as you can with the original iPhone app.”

    Not very useful then. Especially when it is tied to a limited service and not a real VOIP app that works with any VOIP service.

    Maybe you should look into a real VOIP app that works on both the iPhone and the iPod touch.