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DNS Problems Hit Yahoo

Updated: Yahoo, one of the largest web sites on the planet, is being plagued by series of problems related to Domain Name System (DNS). A test using Gomez’s testing service shows error messages in certain cities such as Chicago. Others are experiencing slower access to Yahoo web sites, including the home page. There is already some chatter about this on Twitter, where people are pointing to problems with Yahoo Finance pages. If you have experienced these problems do let me know in the comments. I am going to try and talk to Yahoo and get to the bottom of it as quickly as I can.

Update: In response to my inquiry, Yahoo sent over an official statement via email, which reads:

“Yahoo! experienced a disruption in service earlier today that affected users in some geographic areas. We’ve addressed the issue and full service is now available. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

103 Responses to “DNS Problems Hit Yahoo”

  1. Charlie C

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Cannot sign in to check Email or sign in to check Finance Portfilio….Still not working at 1.40pm Mountain time

  2. Yahoo need to get it together, this is so inconvenient, I have had this account for over 5 years, Loosing it will mean losing few long time friend. Why now , why during the holiday. Please Dear Yahoo technician GET IT TOGETHER AND FIX THE PROBLEM_ THIS IS OUR SECOND WEEK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I recently got a new laptop with Windows Vista on it. I can access my Yahoo mail from our desktop, but
    when I use the laptop, I can get to the mail, but once I open it to read it, it freezes up. I can read one email, I can even access a link within the email, but I cannot delete the email or go back to the list. Basically, after I read one email…I’m stuck and have to close out the program. Not sure if this is a Yahoo problem or a Vista problem.?.? Any help would be appreciated.