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DNS Problems Hit Yahoo

Updated: Yahoo, one of the largest web sites on the planet, is being plagued by series of problems related to Domain Name System (DNS). A test using Gomez’s testing service shows error messages in certain cities such as Chicago. Others are experiencing slower access to Yahoo web sites, including the home page. There is already some chatter about this on Twitter, where people are pointing to problems with Yahoo Finance pages. If you have experienced these problems do let me know in the comments. I am going to try and talk to Yahoo and get to the bottom of it as quickly as I can.

Update: In response to my inquiry, Yahoo sent over an official statement via email, which reads:

“Yahoo! experienced a disruption in service earlier today that affected users in some geographic areas. We’ve addressed the issue and full service is now available. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

103 Responses to “DNS Problems Hit Yahoo”

  1. I am very upset. I have not been able to access my secondary email account that I have a link to inside my main email account for a week now. The button to it just stopped working. I have a lot of clients that use that email addy and now I can’t reply to them. Very sad….

  2. Unable to access email here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Can access other parts of yahoo, such as my calendar, but can’t get my mail (DNS lookup error).

    This is just crazy!

  3. I’ve been having sporadic problems with Yahoo on all levels. Seems like every morning now for the past few weeks, I can’t get to my home page, email or anything else Yahoo. I also use Yahoo to host my website that I have not been able to update since 12/11/08.
    I can’t be playing internet tag with Yahoo all day to update my site. If they’re not up and running when I need to work I should get a refund. If this continues I will be forced to find another server.

  4. No Yahoo page will load today, Dec 12, in my location (northeastern US). Yahoo access has been sporadic and unpredictable for over a week now. I am wondering if Yahoo has been under attack. At my next opportunity, I *must* export the listings in my Yahoo address book. This problem looks like it will be chronic.

  5. Finally Yahoo is working smoothly, I’m here in Los Angeles, CA., both yahoo mail and yahoo messenger are OK, but this is a good time to make the switch to google since yahoo has been crashing, rejected by Microsoft’s partnership plan, and its stock price nearly cut down to a fraction, things are not looking good for yahoo

    Though I have found yahoo mail works better with IE, rather than FireFox


  6. in the NJ / Metro NYC area, and today, Yahoo Mail is VERY hit and miss. Sometimes clearing my DNS’s cache works for a bit. My guess is they are moving services around, but neglecting the TTL settings for the “A” records on their DNS servers.

  7. I am in South Carolina. It’s been a week or so and I’m having a hard time loading After several annoying attemps, I sometimes get through long enough to read get some of my emails. I found out that it sometimes loads fine if I have another tab open. Not anymore. I assumed it was my laptop so I upgraded IE 7.0 to 8.0, got Firefox, same results. Thank God I found this site as I was about to format my hard drive. What is going on? HELP HELP HELP.

  8. I have not been able to get yahoo at all for over a week. Some comments say theirs is fixed. I cannot find a contact. Can anyone give me a phone number to call yahoo? Thank you

  9. Back on for now in Norwich but don’t know for how long as yahoo didn’t mention a problem, only a problem with american servers last week which they said they fixed and all services were back to normal! lol.

  10. Hi!

    We have been unable to connect to Yahoo for the last 24 hours, but connected at about 9.30PM 5th Dec. Internet connection was fine and was able to connect to google etc with no problem. No explanation from Yahoo.


  11. Not just me then!

    Last couple of days I cannot access any Yahoo pages at all. (Not just my email, but anything yahoo…)

    I’m in the Westcountry, England.

    I get “The browser could not find the host server for the provided address.” when I try.

  12. I have been unable to access any yahoo pages since first thing this morning. It was working fine last night but today nothing. All i get is internet explorer cannot display the webpage. Help

  13. I’m in North Wales (UK) and haven’t been able to reach any Yahoo pages since yesterday (Friday). As others have mentioned, wasted hours fiddling about with my browser, router, firewall etc. settings. Very annoying of Yahoo not to mention a problem!!