DNS Problems Hit Yahoo


Updated: Yahoo, one of the largest web sites on the planet, is being plagued by series of problems related to Domain Name System (DNS). A test using Gomez’s testing service shows error messages in certain cities such as Chicago. Others are experiencing slower access to Yahoo web sites, including the home page. There is already some chatter about this on Twitter, where people are pointing to problems with Yahoo Finance pages. If you have experienced these problems do let me know in the comments. I am going to try and talk to Yahoo and get to the bottom of it as quickly as I can.

Update: In response to my inquiry, Yahoo sent over an official statement via email, which reads:

“Yahoo! experienced a disruption in service earlier today that affected users in some geographic areas. We’ve addressed the issue and full service is now available. We apologize for any inconvenience.”



I still can not access my yahoo mail. Service is still not available here in Raleigh, NC


Im in NORWICH UK and problems with yahoo mail started yesterday for me not being able to download attachments. Now i can’t get on any yahoo pages, exept earlier briefly when i got on to the yahoo news site, but thjere was no mention of them having any problems on there. oh and i also tried downloading mozilla firefox web broser and still could not connect to yahoo through there, so it’s not a problem with internet explorer


Got it….I’ve been unable to get my Yahoo emails all day in Hampshire UK.
I have just connected using a VPN (in my case Open VPN which is free to download and use) and finally have access to Yahoo and my emails.
Its like getting a limb back!!


I live in Alabama (USA) and have not been able to access Yahoo at all in the past 2 days. Is yahoo shutting down or something? I rely heavily on my email for business reasons and really don’t appreciate the inconvenience. I really hope they can fix this, otherwise I am going to have to get a new email somewhere elase and stop using yahoo.


Yahoo down all day here in Cornwall uk. Tried always to get into the system, Made me clean up my computer thinking I had too much on it and now having found this site I realise it is not me. Hurry up Yahoo and do the decent thing, get going again or at least put a statement out to the fact your having problems.

david macdonald

Yahoo Mail hopeless all day here in UK as far as i can see …no connection – tried in both london early this morning and southampton later. will try the mobile lnk..thanks to jim price for that tip above


IS Yahoo still down today?????????
I still cant get into yahoo,…….I cant believe that we rely so much on emails…….grrrrrrr
I hope they aort it soon.


Hi, are other people in the U.k having trouble opening any YAHOO pages, I am and can’t get into any YAHOO sites to get any explanation, I have used friends computers without a problem, seems very strange that I can’t access it from my mac?? Need my emails, Not sure if this is temporary. Any advice??

james whitaker

Hi, My Yahoo email was kicking me out and now, as of today, I can not gain access to my mail at all. I am based in Brighton UK.


Was able to access Y this morning but since about 2:30pm have not been able to access any Y site. I am located in Guyana South America


I had problems getting into yahoo.com yesterday, but the problem eventually cleared up.

Today, 12/4, I was able to get in for about 10 minutes early this morning, but have not been able to access yahho.com all day. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS NOT HAVING ACCESS TO MY EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!

herself .. yet again

Contrary to the comment from Yahoo above.. the situation has not been resolved..

We are as you can see .. all of us, still having problems with our email.. and hey.. there’s no to contact.

We’ve addressed the issue and full service is now available. We apologize for any inconvenience.”



herself .. again...

I phoned Yahoo in the US….and they are not saying anything.. they told me to get rid of temporary internet files..

My page wont load correctly.. on any of my email accounts.. WHAT IS GOING ON> > CAN SOMEONE PLSE TELL US>>>


Katie Briggs

I too am having problems, I really need it sorting as soon as possible…does anyone know if it will be resolved soon, I can’t view or read emails!

pam kiani

I accessed my classic version yahoo.co.uk at about 4 am (uk time) on the 4th December. At 2.30 pm I get an error message because it times out before accessing my email account. It is 50/50 as to it accessing other areas due to slowness.


Hey.. cannot get any yahoo email account page of mine to load properly… Why??? Satellite problems.. ???

Help I need my email….!!!!!


I’ve been having issues with Upcoming all this week – it’s really slow to connect. When it does, it works fine, but the initial loading time is terrible.


All of our nagios check_dns checks at about 14:45 EST in Boston. They use yahoo.com as a default check. That go changed today :)

herman manfred

Yup – northern virginia to Yahoo’s finance pages – URL not found.

Recovered now, BTW.

Brian Fending

I had difficulties over at Flickr accessing the up.flickr.com subdomain in the last hour, but all is well there now. Also had problem with some flickr.com assets not being pulled in from their respective homes into my page, maybe related to the same issues.

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