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Dizzy Bee: The Flower and Fruit Maze

Say you took Labyrinth — you know, the old wooden game (or the iPhone/iPod touch version) where you roll a metal ball around a maze avoiding traps to get to the goal — and doused it with a couple gallons of cute, what would you get? Well, Dizzy Bee, of course.

Available for $2.99 — there is also a four-level free version┬áto give you taste — the game has you, rather than moving a ball around, use your touch device’s accelerometer to navigate your buzzing buddy around a maze trying to collect flowers and breaking your fruit friends out of ice blocks to bring them to the level’s goal, while avoiding bad guys move along with your tilting. The levels have a varying degree of difficulty with different baddies that have their own different responses to the accelerometer, some move very quickly at the slightest tilt, while others barely move at all instead circling a specific parameter.

The game is ridiculously simple in that there are no options, other than adjusting the game’s volume, and picking a saved file or starting a new game. With this kind of simplicity, you can dive right in and out of the game with no worries, making it the epitome of casual gaming. The graphics are cutesy in that the level is made to look like it was drawn with crayons, and the game play, while fluid and very responsive, does tend to get repetitive at times. Since the concept is so unassuming, I don’t think this game was designed with long gaming sessions in mind, nothing beyond ten or twenty-minutes any how.

Overall the Dizzy Bee is a well packaged game that makes excellent use of the iPhone/iPod touch’s accelerometer and is fun for gamers of any skill level.

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