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Amazing Sudoku: A New Twist On a Classic Game

Like ever ubiquitous flashlight apps, Sudoku games in the App Store are a dime a dozen. However, while the game play between them is roughly the same, there is a staggering difference between the graphics and what they offer in terms of options. The current king would be Amazing Sudoku, available for $1.99 for the full version or the free version that limits you to only the easy difficulty.

There are two game modes to play, Classic and Magic, with three difficulty settings each. If you have played Sudoku before, then the classic mode will come as nothing new. It’s the typical fit the numbers 1-9 in all of the nine 3×3 grid while not duplicating the numbers along the rows and columns. Beyond some impressive, if not superfluous, graphics and a Asian-esque soundtrack, the only thing it brings to the table is an “autonote” feature that will automatically let you know what options a cell has based on all the other cells around it. This is a nifty feature as it makes game play easier without inherently making the game any easier. There is also a hint button that gives you up to three answers should you get stumped along the way.

The second mode, Magic, is a very interesting modification of the classic game type. In addition to being a regular Sudoku game, you also have to make sure that each diagonal column from the outer most corners also contains a 1-9 sequence. And if that weren’t enough, there are also colored squares for which the numbers inside them can only be equal to or less than the amount of colored squares in a 3×3 grid. So, if there are five colored squares, you can only have numbers 1-5 inside them, a 9 would make the grid incorrect. This mode definitely adds just enough variation from the Classic game play without deviating too far from the root of Sudoku, offering something to those that might get bored of the normal game type or need that extra bit of complexity.

The game play and controls are solid, and make the game easy to dive into, despite all its glitz and glamour. Amazing Sudoku boasts an unlimited number of levels, so there is no end to the fun that you can have with it. There is also an online scoreboard that, interestingly, makes use of the location services giving you the option to see the Top 25 scores near you, though it makes no claim of what the radius is. About the only thing missing is a daily puzzle in which everyone can compete for the high score on. Otherwise, it definitely brings a fair amount of extras to the table to differentiate itself from the pack and ends up being just as it claims, an amazing take on the cult game.

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