Report: Text Messaging Will Continue To Be The Darling Of Mobile Data Revenues


imageForget splashy video, music and games; text messaging will continue to be the


Sean Horgan

How will the massive increase in handset traffic to mobile email, IM, and social networks reduce SMS traffic?

SMS became so popular because it was a cheap alternative to voice. It later fed into a need to communicate asynchronously in short-bursts.

If you can update your facebook status or twitter via an easy mobile internet interface (which exist), what is stopping people from moving towards that interface from SMS?

Sean Horgan


Here is a company that I believe has the best “mouse trap” for a mobile Payment Gateway:

The payment gateway that the Company TreasureCom is offering is one based on a mobile platform tied to the online shopping cart.

The basic advantages for a Merchant:
• Payment are in real time
• Relatively very small cost to implement and for merchants that already uses online payment gateways such as PayPal the implementation may take as little as 1 hour.
• It will cost the merchant less, given that the interchange rate would be 1% instead of the current interchange rate most merchant pays (which I would be willing to guess is much more than 1%, I would guess between 2%-3.5%). This 1% interchange rate would no doubt provide the merchant with a lot of savings and in an economy like this and based on what is happening with credit cards at the moment this is an area where the merchants may save money and any savings today I am sure would be welcomed by the Merchant.
• The funds would be credited directly to Merchant’s bank account within 3 banking days by way of the ACH network very much the same as the current methods.

For the customers there are at least a few advantages.

• The customer will not need to provide either the payment processor (TreasureCom) or the Merchant his/her banking/credit/debit card information. The customer would “push” funds directly from his her online banking facilities hence negating the need to provide banking/credit/debit card information. We are aware that a lot of customers are a bit concern about online security. This method would greatly address that concern.
• The payment transaction is generated by the customer from his/her mobile phone using text messaging and the member then may go online to complete the transaction not dissimilar to the experience of shopping with a credit/debit card.
• It would cost the customer approximately $0.55 ($0.30 by the company and approximately $0.25 by the mobile carrier to process).

Initially only customers that use AT&T or T-Mobile are be able to participate but within a three month period the company expect that all mobile carrier networks within the USA would be supported.

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