Ad Industry Roundup: Phorm; Google; Widgets; Nielsen; Auto-Creativity

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Phorm board and COO walk out over differences with CEO: Further instability hits behavioural targeting advertiser Phorm: its four board members Stephen Meyer, Virasb Vahidi, David Dorman and Christopher Lawrence have quit “with immediate effect”. In a statement, Phorm said the four “will take this action as a result of differences with (CEO Kent) Ertugrul (pictured) as to the management and future direction of the company”. Vahidi is also relinquishing his COO role. More details on PCUK

Google TV Ads’ Hallmark moment: Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV Ads has convinced cable nets Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel to set aside a portion of their respective inventories for the search giant’s self-serve, targeted ads system on EchoStar (NSDQ: SATS). The partnership comes just as the family-friendly Hallmark nets gear up programming and promotions for the holiday season. The arrangement also shows Google TV Ads’ gift for timing: just as the financial markets cratered two months ago, Google TV Ads said it had struck a similar addressable TV deal with Bloomberg TV.

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Widgets and branded fly-swatters: AdAge columnist Bob Garfield loves widgets as ad tools. The very idea sends him racing to compare branded apps to the joys of receiving ballpoint pens, calendars and refrigerator magnets with marketers’ names emblazoned across them. If only advertisers shared his ardor, as widget ads will attract a miserly $100 million in spending. The problem is, according to Mediassociates’ Ben Kunz, is that these “magical items” are being oversold to marketers who don’t understand how best to use them.

Nat Geo signs up for Nielsen set-top box measurement: Nielsen Media Research has got its first customer for its set-top box audience analysis offering, DigitalPlus. National Geographic Channel will be the first official user to access DigitalPlus’ “second-by-second ratings analyses” that promises a more detailed look at whether consumers are switching the dial during commercials and programs.

Creative ads get the automated treatment: As display ads wilt in the face of search ads’ great targetability, companies like Adisn and Tumri are creating ads that can be changed in color and tone to better attract consumers based on behavioral and contextual targeting. While the two companies have been working with big name brands, Madison Ave. has been naturally slow to embrace this approach to digital creativity.

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