Windows Vista SP2 beta arriving with a slew of fixes


Windowsvistalogo_2Although the initial release of Microsoft Windows Vista caused headaches for some, I’ve found that Service Pack 1 has made life much more enjoyable from a computing perspective. That’s why I have high hopes for SP2, not to mention Windows 7. We’ll have to wait for to-be-determined date to see Windows 7 launch, but SP2 for Vista is in the works now. In fact, the first beta just became available to some folks today and I’m downloading it now. Expect to see a public beta in the very near-future; we’ll tell you when.

While I’m downloading, you can read the highlighted points and features in the beta version, which of course, are subject to change…

Update: for my configuration, the installation package was 301MB in size. Vista said that the update could take up to an hour, but on the Lenovo X301, it was completed in around 12 minutes.

Update #2: I’ve removed the feature list in the build by request and due to what appears to be a misunderstanding in communications.



in all my years & all the OSS/SP’s i’ve seen. Vista > Vista SP1 was the biggest difference ever, even more so than XP SP1 > XP SP2.

it was primarily noticeable on lowend performing machines (UMPC’s) more so than highend machines. some would argue it was because Vista was so broke to begin with & they are probably right. but that still leaves me high hopes for SP 2.

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