RIM relaunches mobile Blackberry site


Storm_bb_mobile_pageWe’ve just received word that RIM has relaunched their mobile.blackberry.com site to make it more friendly on Blackberry screens.  The new site is designed to make it easier to interact with the menus and provides a healthy dose of Blackberry tips.  I have been using it on a Blackberry Storm for a bit and it is much better than the old site. 

The top of the page provides a quick way to ask questions about your Blackberry.  The rest of the page is devoted to categorized links to different types of information such as news, shopping, etc.  I find the page to be a bit compressed for the large screen of the Storm and links are too small at the standard resolution to tap accurately with a fingertip.  It’s a simple matter on the Storm to zoom in to alleviate that problem.  It’s great to see RIM evolving their web presence given the good browsing experience that newer Blackberries provide.

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