Nokia springs N97- touch with keyboard goodness



Nokia seems to launch a phone a day and in keeping with the 5800 ExpressMusic touchscreen meme they have announced the N97.  The N97 brings the full touchscreen to the N-series and to keep things lively Nokia has put an innovative sliding popup QWERTY keyboard for the typing faithful.  Nokia is aiming this at the Facebook crowd and touting tight integration with that social network.

The specs of the N97 are impressive starting with a ridiculous 32 GB of onboard memory that can be augmented by a 16 GB memory card.  That’s a huge 48 GB of available user memory giving the N97 more storage than many netbooks.  The memory is not the only thing large about the N97 as it is a bit clunkier than the iPhone due to that gorgeous keyboard, but that’s not a negative believe me.

The hardware is pretty impressive.  It features a 3.5 inch (360 x 640 resolution) touchscreen with hapticfeedback, 5 megapixel camera (with those famous Carl Zeiss optics and dual LEDflash), A-GPS and compass sensors,  WiFi, tri-band HSDPA, Bluetooth and USB.  That screen is a resistive touchscreen unfortunately so it’s not a huge departure for Nokia in this area.

Our friends at All about Symbian got to play with the N97 and have posted some hands-on impressions of the phone that are pretty positive.  Check them out and here’s a video produced by Nokia of the N97 in action:


John in Norway

I was just saying to my dog the other day that if my E90 had a touch screen and was a bit bigger it would be almost perfect. Now I can add 32GB internal storage to the list.


Well you know what they’ll say about that huge 32GB flash memory: they’re compensating for the resistive touch screen. :-)


I’m just disenchanted with the Nokia look these days. It still looks like a Symbian S60, with clunky and ugly text and just generally unattractive to me.

I like the phone hardware, looks pretty darn nice, but frankly I’d rather take the Touch Pro with Windows Mobile. It may be clunky too, but at least there is a lot of really great software for Windows Mobile out there.

Of course I’m biased, since I own a Touch HD nowadays… best phone I ever owned. But even so.


It’s interesting to see how many little things crossed over from the Nokia N810 :)

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