MELODIS Voice Dialer for iPhone: can you say 100% accurate?

MelodisvoicedialeriphoneEvery week or two, I hear about a new voice dialing application for the iPhone. And every week or two, I come away generally unimpressed. Until this week. I just got word of a free, new application from MELODIS for the iPhone so I gave it a download and then tested it on a few contact names. MELODIS Voice Dialer nailed them all.

"OK," I said to the phone, "maybe those were softball names and therefore too easy for you." So I pitched a few more… and the app still batted a thousand. No matter what I do in normal usage scenarios, the application hasn’t messed up once for me. And that’s while streaming music in the background while I work.

Clearly the downside to any iPhone voice application is the factthat you have to start it up with a button press and then triggersomething else for it to listen. In this case, the Voice Dialer is nodifferent: you press the app icon to fire it up and you then have abutton to trigger the listening. It’s an Achille’s Heel but that’s dueto Apple’s terms and SDK for iPhone apps.

Getting past that however, this is a joy. Once it indexes yourcontacts, which is a short process, you simply press and hold theon-screen button while speaking. Say your contact name and up pops allof the contact data. Speak the word "Call" before the contact name andthe MELODIS Voice Dialer will automatically dial the number of thecontact. There’s a configurable auto-delay setting for the dialingwhich gives you a few seconds to verify that you’re calling the rightperson, but in my experience you won’t need that. If your contact hasmultiple numbers, just say "mobile" or "work" in the phrase. It’s thatsimple and unbelievably accurate in my experience.Even better: many of the contact details are clickable links so if you have an address for a contact that the Voice Dialer found, one tap shows the address on Google Maps.

This is a must-have for iPhone owners wanting a voice-dialingapplication. It’s a freebie, so you have nothing to lose, but if Ihaven’t convinced you, maybe this video demo will.


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