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Smaller Automakers Line Up With Big Three for DOE Loans: A $25 billion auto industry loan program from the Department of Energy is open to any company with a plan to make more fuel-efficient cars. Startups EcoMotors, XP Vehicles, and Tesla Motors have applied under the program. — New York Times

No Fun for Solarfun: Solar-cell maker Solarfun Power Holdings (s SOLF) reported third-quarter results today. The company saw a 53 percent increase in module shipments, but shares of the company have lost nearly 79 percent (excluding the fall seen in early trading this morning) of their market value in the last six months. — Reuters

Obama National Security Advisor on Climate Change: President-elect Barack Obama introduced James L. Jones, Jr. as his national security advisor yesterday, saying he understands “the connection between energy and national security.” But Jones has headed up a U.S. Chamber of Commerce energy institute that challenged climate change, worrying some groups that he may compromise the administration’s environmental agenda. — LA Times

Power Plants and Fish Protectors Go to Court: The Supreme Court is hearing a case today over use of billions of gallons of water for cooling power plants, and whether electricity producers are doing enough to protect fish and aquatic organisms. At stake for electricity producers is the cost of expensive upgrades for existing power plants. — Associated Press

BP to Commercialize Energy Tech in China: BP and the Chinese Academy of Sciences agreed last week to form a $73 million joint venture to commercialize energy innovations from China’s research institutions. It’s called the Clean Energy Commercialisation Centre, but planned focus areas range from zero-emission technologies and carbon capture to cleaner coal. — Press Release