Coffee break- GMail not playing nice


Bim_043_2Our GigaOM mail is using GMail and normally everything works just fine.  I can either interact with the mail using the standard web interface or with Apple Mail under IMAP.  The iPhone can interact with the mail using IMAP too and everything is hunky-dory.  When it works.  The past two days everything works as advertised when I’m in my home office but as soon as I leave my cocoon of happy WiFi things start going bad.  I can connect to an external hotspot via WiFi and everything works as expected except the IMAP portion of GMail.  I can interact with my mail using the web interface just fine which is good enough but Apple Mail cannot connect to the GMail IMAP server.  That means the iPhone can’t connect to it either meaning no email for me without the laptop.

It’s not any particular hotspot as I’ve had the same results in two different ones.  When I figured out that IMAP wasn’t connecting I turned WiFi off on the MacBook and plugged in the Verizon EVDO modem.  Guess what?  Same results, which is darn strange.  No IMAP for me since yesterday unless I am in my home WiFi network.  What could that be?  I’ve seen commentary on TWITTER that indicates others are having GMail problems too.  It’s a royal pain, especially not getting GMail on the iPhone away from home.  Did Google change something yesterday?



I’ve had the same problem in Calgary, AB with my iPhone. I just tried deleting and re-creating my account (I saw that solution on a different forum) and I wasn’t able to create a new account (IMAP failed). Well, until I get home to my wifi, I guess.

Is it a 2.2 problem??


I am having the same issue in Ottawa since yesterday afternoon.
It’s driving me nuts!

Anyone figured it out yet?

Eric C Rusch Jr

Gmail IMAP is working fine for me. I’m using Sprint on my HTC Mogul down in Orlando, FL. lol, just got pinged with another new email now actually.


I’ve noticed gmail imap being a bit flakey here on a BB Storm – Vodafone Ireland.


Hey Gordon,
hope all well mate. I see that you got an iphone. I have been struggling in choosing between an iphone and the blackberry bold. Need some help this way! I use GMAIL, update my personal website, facebook, msn and surf the web (Countless emails per day too!).

Any suggestions? just email me if needed on


P.S. I am in Aus which is why I needed a local users advice!


I just got my Baen come get yer Shadow of Saganami email via my paid gmail domain email off my iPhone 3G here in Seattle using AT&T.


Same problem here in Ottawa Canada since 6 am EDT Dec 2nd.
Carrier is Fido/Rogers via 3G.
I haven’t tried Wi-Fi.
What changed?


ive been having the same problem with my iphone as well. started today. all i get is the spinning wheel and the “connecting” display. i hope this isnt a bug in the 2.2 fw.


ive been having the same problem with my iphone as well. started today. all i get is the spinning wheel and the “connecting” display. i hope this isnt a bug in the 2.2 fw.

Gordon Cahill

iphone and outlook sync is all fine on the three wifi and one EVDO modem I use regularly. But that’s not going to help you unless you move to Australia :-)



I can use Gmail IMAP on my phone just fine, but this is in Thailand.

Maybe the problem isn’t with Gmail but with the mobile carrier?

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