Brando dock with hard drive slot

Docks can be incredibly useful for notebook users who connect to a lot of peripherals at the desk.  One simple cable tug and the notebook is free to hit the gear bag and the street.  They are particularly useful for netbooks that often lack full amenities inside.  Odd product broker Brando has the strangest dock of them all.  Doubling as a laptop cooler, the dock adds fans to keep that notebook cool at the desk.  It also has the usual ports for peripherals and most interestingly a slot for a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive.  Add ports, cool air and storage in one whack.  The Brando dock also slices and dices too.  OK, that last parts fiction but the rest is true, here’s a picture to prove it:  $33.  (via Gizmodo)



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