ACCESS intos Beta 3 of Garnet VM, supports 30,000 Palm OS titles



Palm might be treading water these days (if not drowning), but that doesn’t mean fans of Palm OS apps have to stay in one spot. Those older bits of software are still usable thanks to ACCESS’s Garnet Virtual Machine for Nokia N-series Internet Tablets. The company has long offered Beta 2 of this VM for free, but it expired recently. Enter the release of Garnet VM Beta 3, which is freely available on the product page. ACCESS says that it supports a library of over 30,000 Palm OS applications and I know that some have no equivilent on other platforms, so this could be a life saver for some.

ACCESS hasn’t stated in vast detail what’s different between this version and the one prior. Aside from the presumably new expiration date, there’s some under-the-hood fixes in the VM core components and in the PIM applications.

(via Internet Tablet Talk)

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