Nokia Creates Email And Mapping Services For The PC


imageRecognizing that Nokia (NYSE: NOK) can’t get away with just rolling out services on the phone, the handset maker — and increasingly Internet-services company — is announcing that it will roll out Internet email and mapping services for the PC. The two announcements pair nicely with the unveiling of the N97, the new high-end touchscreen phone Nokia is launching that focuses on providing Internet services to consumers while on the go.

Mail on Ovi: The company is launching Mail on Ovi, which will offer an email accounts to people who use the company’s Internet services called Ovi. Users will have access to 1GB of storage space and spam filters to block unwanted emails. The beta version of Mail on Ovi will roll out this month in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Hindi, Bengali, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia, and will be accessible on all Nokia Series 40 devices that are currently shipping. The web access version will launch in February 2009. In addition, Nokia said it will make email and instant messaging easily accessible on the phone by providing access to not only its own Mail on Ovi, but also services from *Yahoo*, Windows Live, *Google*, *AOL*and thousands of ISPs around the world.

Maps on Ovi: The free service allows people to pre-plan their trip on their PC, and then sync the map to the phone, so that routes and directions can be available while on the go. The online version version is in beta and will be accessible at On the handset, Nokia is also launching new services, such as better walking directions, including a beep and vibration that will alert you to when you need to turn, or providing more detail, such as being able to view multiple entrances to the same subway station. The maps have been made possible through Nokia’s acquisition of Navteq.

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