Making Action Sports Pay: NBC, MTV Try Yet Another Variation With ‘Alli’


imageSix months after announcing an action sports joint venture built on the Action Sports Tour, divisions of NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) and Viacom (NYSE: VIA) are already revamping the concept — name and all. Meet Alli, the Alliance of Action Sports, a combo of former AST events like The Dew Tour with the Maloof Money Cup, AMA Motocross Championship and King of Wake events. (Maybe they’re planning a revenue stream from people searching for Alli, the diet drug.) The spin itself could be an action sport as NBC Sports and MTVN Music Group pitch the notion that “the groundbreaking” partnership is only getting bigger and better by adding skateboarding, wakeboarding and more motocross, and will be better positioned to extract money from the niche sports. But the move comes just weeks after Wasserman Media Group slashed 41 percent of the staff of Sportnet, with its intense action sports emphasis, to “rationalize” the business in the difficult environment.

The two media companies co-own the Alliance, airing the programming across their networks and other platforms. has been launched as the digital hub, with a social network “where fans can connect with the sports and athletes by joining the Alliance.” Members of “Flux” communities automatically have an Alli account. Online sports vet Doug Kirk (NBA, SI, ESPN) will oversee the hub as digital VP, according to SBJ; Alli also plans to add several sales and digital staffers. Release.

SBJ: The event deals are a mixed set ranging from revenue sharing for the Maloof Money Cup and AMA Motocross Championships in exchange for air time and production costs. King of Wake signed over digital rights to Alli; the event will be streamed on

Photo Credit: Alli

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