3 new Nokia mobile accessories sit in the N97’s shadow

Today’s Nokia buzz is sure to be surrounding the new N97 handset, which looks to be an HTC Tilt with gobs of storage and the 5th Edition of Symbian S60 at first glance. Since you won’t see the device for several months, you can whet your Nokia whistle sooner with a Nokia announcement that introduces three new mobile accessories.

  • NokiahomemusicNokia Home Music – This ARM9 device acts as a 10W speaker that you can stream tunes through from a compatible device. The Home Music supports 802.11b/g and Ethernet connections, plus offers an integrated FM tuner.
  • Nokia Internet Stick CS-10 – This is a Nokia-branded USB 3G adapter that accepts a SIM card. You’ll need the card along with a data plan for this stick, which supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac computers. Software and drivers are within the adapter, so there’s no need to carry a CD around. Note that the supported frequencies are 850MHz and 2100MHz for 3G.
  • Nokiaextrapowerdc11Nokia Extra Power DC-11– The DC-11 is an external battery solution that provides back-up power with twoseparate charging connectors. You can simultaneously charge two devices using either micro USB or Nokia’s 2mm charginginterface. Nokia hasn’t announced the amount of juice that the DC-11 can hold.