Yahoo! 2008 Year in Review Released

yahoo2008Yahoo is not waiting around for 2008 to pack it in, and has released the top stories (and top searches) for the year that still has 30 days to go. I just spent 20 minutes on the site, and I love it. The presentation is simple, elegant and inviting. It is definitely better than most of the lists magazines are going to churn out. I wonder why Yahoo doesn’t do more of these technology-enabled media properties. Regardless, the top 10 searches of 2008 is an ironic reflection on our times - Britney Spears and WWE beat Barack Obama as the top search for 2008. (Yahoo offers a rational explanation for that as well.) The rest of the top 10 is also highly skewed towards entertainment artists. The site has also top 10 picks in different categories – News, Olympics, Politics, Economy and more.


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