SOLD: good home for HP 2710p kit


UPDATE: the 2710p has been SOLD.  Thanks to all who contacted me.

I mentioned in a Mobile Tech Manor column a few weeks ago that I have been getting my home office set up.  That process has me evaluating all the gear I own to determine if I should hang on to some of the gadgets I am not using enough to justify keeping around.  It was a hard decision but I am seriously considering selling the HP 2710p convertible notebook that I picked up a year ago.  The 2710p is a capable Tablet PC and has been lovingly maintained.  In addition to the 2710p itself I have added a number of accessories that make it a killer mobile computing solution and everything would go as a package.  This is a golden opportunity for someone to get a great mobile platform in time for the holidays.  Here’s the whole package up for grabs:

  • HP 2710p- 1.2 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, Vista Business
  • Slim-dock- USB, VGA-out, ethernet, power jack, super thin optical drive
  • Slice battery (snaps on bottom), ~10 hours total battery life + internal battery
  • Waterfield Designs SleeveCase
  • Cross PenEnabled Executive pen

My review of the 2710p will give you a lot of information about the Tablet and you can find countless photos of the device here on jkOnTheRun.  The unboxing was captured on video back when I got it and shows off the slice battery and dock as well as the 2710p.  If you are interested in the package email me an offer at jk AT gigaom DOT com.


Ross Wirth

James – You’ve got to update your gear page… It’s woefully out of date. Does this mean you’re keeping the 2730p? I got mine a month a go, and love it! I think probably the best laptop experience I’ve had.


I miss reading your site for one damn day and I miss my shot at your 2710p. Dammit!

James Kendrick

Gaz, I’ll have to check on the ramifications of that before I can answer. Probably yes.

Gordon, I’ve always got tablets in the house. tx2500 and 2730p right now, matter of fact. :)

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