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VMware Fusion Sale: Get It for as Little as $10

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Much has been written about VMware in recent months, with the release of Fusion 2.0. The software provides operating system virtualization, allowing you to run your favorite Windows applications and devices on any Intel-based Mac.

Today, until 11:59 PM Pacific Time, the VMware e-store is running a deal for 50% off of VMware Fusion. We recently covered a 25% discount promotion, which pales in comparison to the huge offer today.

To take advantage of the promotion, you need to enter the coupon code “CyberMondayDeal” (without the quotes!), at checkout. The 50% discount is available worldwide, but is a one day only offer — you’ll need to act quickly to take advantage of the deal.

The main two competitors to VMware Fusion are Parallels and Virtual PC, both offering similar functionality. An aggressive push is being made from VMware at present, and for Mac users in the U.S. and Canada, it is interesting to note that this 50% discount can be used in conjunction with a concurrent offer of a $30 rebate for those switching from Parallels or Virtual PC. If you own either of these packages, you’re able to pick up VMware Fusion for a mere $10 (unfortunately, this offer isn’t available for international users).

If you are in the market for a virtualization package, now would be an excellent time to make a purchase. If you’re undecided upon which company to go with, our comparison of VMware Fusion 2 and Parallels Desktop 4 will provide an interesting read.

23 Responses to “VMware Fusion Sale: Get It for as Little as $10”

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  2. @Peter Kazanjy: Thanks for the clarification. I though this (from the rebate terms and conditions):

    “5. This rebate is not valid with any other VMware sponsored offers.”

    would render the two incompatible. However, since it doesn’t I think it’s a great deal for those who own an older version of a competing product.

  3. Competitors could also be free …

    Virtualbox is free, open source, performs very well, in running linux windows…, on my macs, and on my other Oses too.
    Virtualbox has been bought by Sun then free.

    Stop paying for everything, free does not means ugly software, in fact there is more enhancement in virtualbox like remote video for vms.

  4. @11 The rebate site should have provided you a note that says that serial keys take 48-72 hours to register with the rebate processor. Try back in a day or two, and you should be good to go.

    Pete Kazanjy
    VMware Fusion Product Marketing

  5. The White Shadow

    sorry, rushed to post without reading (per usual) the comments. so VMware claims they can be combined, but the rebate site doesn’t allow the serial i entered. which lead me to believe (as I will until I can figure out why) that the offers can’t be combined.

  6. The White Shadow

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the incorrect info. You just cost me $30, since the competitive upgrade deal ISN’T valid in combination. Take the post down, why don’t you?

  7. #5 and #6

    With respect to your questions about combining the current coupon code referenced in this blog post, and our ongoing competitive upgrade rebate for Parallels and Virtual PC for Mac users:

    The coupon code at the VMware e-store for 50% off does indeed combine with the competitive rebate for Parallels and Virtual PC users.

    If a user purchases VMware Fusion from the VMware e-store with the coupon code “CyberMondayDeal” he will get it for 50% off his purchase, along with a VMware Fusion serial number.

    If that user is in the United States or Canada, and then takes that serial number and proof of purchase from his purchase at the VMware e-store, and submits it, along with his proof of purchase (either manual cover OR [serial key AND receipt {web, physical, email} ] ), he will get a $30 rebate check mailed to them.

    I hope this help.

    Peter Kazanjy
    VMware Fusion Product Marketing