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Good OS Cloud- Google Chrome on steroids?

The people who gave us gOS have announced the Cloud operating system for netbooks and the like.  Cloud will be an instant-on browser-based operating environment to allow the mobile user to get up and running instantly without running full Windows.  Cloud will be installed alongside Windows allowing users to boot Windows from the Cloud interface when needed.  Cloud provides a browser and access to core web applications such as the Google suite of apps, Skype, YouTube and the rest of the web world.  It can be installed in firmware for true instant booting a la SplashTop or on a disk or SSD drive.  Good OS is also announcing a deal to put Cloud on touch-screen netbooks from GIGABYTE.  Press release after the jump and further information can be found at the Cloud site.  Notice from this image how the browser looks a lot like Google Chrome?


NETBOOK WORLD SUMMIT; PARIS, France-December 1, 2008 – Good OS, most known for its gOS Linux that debuted in Wal-Mart computers, today announced "Cloud," a new operating system that boots into a browser with Google, Yahoo! and Live in seconds, and optionally boots into Windows. Good OS will preview Cloud on a GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbook at the Netbook World Summit and online at GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbooks will be preloaded with Cloud and Windows XP together early next year.

"We are excited to preview the GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbook with Cloud and Windows together, said a Good OS spokesperson. "With Cloud, GIGABYTE Netbooks will power on to the Internet in seconds, while still supporting killer applications together with Windows XP."

Cloud uniquely integrates a web browser with a compressed Linux operating system kernel for immediate access to Internet, integration of browser and rich client applications, and full control of the computer from inside the browser.

Cloud features a beautifully designed browser with an icon dock for shortcuts to favorite apps, tabs for multi-tasking between web and rich client apps, and icons to switch to Windows, power off, and perform other necessary system functions. Users power on their computers, quickly boot into Cloud for Internet and basic applications, and then just power off or boot into Windows for more powerful desktop applications.

"Cloud is my favorite gOS product yet," said David Liu, Founder and CEO of Good OS. "Just seconds after I power on, I’m Googling, Yahooing, and truly Living. I am very excited about the upcoming GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbooks with Cloud and Windows. I think the GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbook’s forward thinking hardware and software will make it the best Netbook to hit the market!"

More details about Cloud and GIGABYTE Touch-Screen Netbooks will be released on January 8, 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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