CyberMonday deal: VMware Fusion at $39.99… or perhaps $9.99?


Fusion_3As a Mac owner, I’ve been relatively happy with Parallels Desktop which lets me run Windows or Linux builds within Mac OS X. It’s seamless and transparent, thanks to the Coherence function that allows Windows apps to appear as if they’re Mac apps on my desktop. Now that I have a shiny and peppy new MacBook thanks to a pre-Black Friday deal, I might use some of the savings for VMware Fusion.

Why would I even consider buying yet another virtual machine application? I’m a sucker for a good deal and The Apple Blog knows it. It’s all their fault (at least that’s what I’ll tell Barb when the bill comes due) because they have the Cyber Monday code that reduces Fusion today only from $79.99 to $39.99. Making matters worse: TAB thinks that the VMware competitive upgrade rebate of $30 might work as well if you own a copy of Parallels or Virtual PC for Mac, which brings you to a net price of $9.99! Actually, I have a license of Virtual PC for Mac as well… too bad there’s no double-competitive upgrade. It’s truly sad that I’m building a physical collection of virtual machine software.


Peter Kazanjy

Hey there JK,

You are correct: If you are in the US or Canada, you can file for the Parallels or Virtual PC competitive rebate on top of your coupon code use.

As far as the rebate processing is concerned, the license you buy with the coupon code is not different than any other license that is purchased from the VMware Store.


Pete Kazanjy
VMware Fusion Product Marketing


VMware is possibly the greatest piece of software I have aside from Exchange and Office 2007.

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