Six Apart Gobbles Up And Shuts Down Pownce


imageBlog tech and advertising company Six Apart has acquired micro-blogging platform Pownce for an undisclosed sum, VB reports. But don’t expect Pownce, which lets users broadcast short messages (including videos, photos and mp3s) to be embedded into any of Six Apart’s current blogging tools — at least not in its current form — as Six Apart is pulling the plug on the service as of Dec 15. Pownce’s lead developers Leah Culver and Mike Malone will likely take on similar roles within Six Apart, and its technology will be pulled into Six Apart’s overall infrastructure.

Pownce was founded in January 2008 by Culver and Digg vets Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka; and though the service was hyped as Twitter’s top competitor, it ultimately failed to catch its rival in terms of user adoption. But clearly, the micro-blogging space remains hot: Facebook was eyeing a Twitter buyout as recently as a month ago (for about $500 million worth of its stock, no less), Stocktwits, a Twitter-based stock tracking service got funding in late September, and social video startup Seesmic acquired Twhirl, a micro-blogging and messaging aggregation service in April.



I wonder why so many sites get shut down – they could try to sell the site, like that they would make some money and the site would stay online.

Rafat Ali

My guess is they got it really cheap, which is literally the price of the employees and assuming any liabilities, hence they bought it and did the right thing shutting it.

Jamie Poitra

It wouldn't make any sense to include Pownce in MT or their other services. Micro blogging can be done with any of the other larger blogging platforms. What makes Twitter is the community and the name share not the functionality which isn't earth shattering in any sense.

Since it is so community based I'm not sure how well another micro blogging site could compete anyway once another has already reached a critical mass of some point.

There's room for regional clones of the community though. Say in countries Twitter has no mindshare yet.

Will be interesting to see how this ends up working out for SixApart. Why buy the company if all you wanted were the engineers?

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