Mobile Content Bits: BET Launches Mobile Site; 10,000 iPhone Apps; China Mobile’s OS; Curve No. 1


BET Networks partners with PlayPhone: African-American focused BET Networks said it will be partnering with PlayPhone to build and manage its mobile entertainment business. The new BET mobile site at will allow viewers to download content based on what’s currently popular. Users will also be able to interact with the television by being able to send text messages during the music video countdown show “106 & Park.”

What does 10,000 iPhone Apps look like?: There’s now 10,000 iPhone apps in the iTunes App store, according to, a site that provides news and reviews on the iPhone. To mark the milestone, the company illustrated it by making a mosaic of tiny app store images to give you an idea of what 10,000 apps looks like. The piece of art can be seen here: However, 148app may have jumped the gun. Two weeks ago, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) said they have 8,000 apps in the store…if they are adding 1,000 a week, that’s certainly a breakneck pace.

China Mobile develops own OS: China Mobile may be developing its own proprietary mobile phone operating system, which is being called Ophone. Xinhua News is reporting that an unnamed source within the carrier says it will be rolled out soon. Lenovo is expected to be one of the first manufacturers, and is expected to build a very customized product that includes all of China Mobile’s own services. The move is likely a way to delay customers using the mobile Internet.

RIM’s BlackBerry Curve No. 1: According to a list that ranks the 10 most popular handsets in the U.S. for October, the No. 1 phone is not the iPhone, but the BlackBerry Curve. The rankings were provided by AvianResearch, and reported by RCR Wireless. The rankings are gathered by surveying retail stores, rather than estimating shipments. Based on responses from 100 service reps at the four major U.S. wireless carriers, the Blackberry Curve dominating from May through October. New to the list are: the T-Mobile G1, the LG (SEO: 066570) Env2 and the HTC Diamond.

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