Want to Watch the Britney Spears Documentary Online? Not So Fast


You know it’s the attention that keeps building Britney Spears up and tearing her back down, but you just can’t turn away. Now the pop star is trying to climb back up the charts, so she’s inviting you back in once again. Spears produced a documentary about herself (an auto-documentary?) on the Britney-friendly cable network MTV (which is rather pretentiously calling it a “film”). The TV airing starts at 10 p.m. tonight. As for posting the full thing online? Nope, not for now. MTV just has five different trailers and some behind-the-scenes clips (which are accompanied by interstitial commercials for Spears’ “Fantasy” perfume).

The full show won’t be posted online until Dec. 3 at 8 p.m. ET, according to the official page on MTV. MTV is usually one of the most liberal networks when it comes to syndicating its content, but it gets protective when it comes to the Britney goldmine. Last year, hanging onto the exclusive distribution of Britney’s train wreck of a performance at the Video Music Awards netted MTV 7 million visitors over the next two days.

Needless to say, the most memorable moments will be popping up on YouTube and gossip blogs in no time — though Viacom’s copyright police will just as surely be playing whack-a-mole trying to bring them down.



She is a great mother and a very sweet person.I realy hope she works things out in her life,so we can have our britney back.

Oh and guys,don’t pay atention to the frist coment.. he oviusly is trying to get some atention.And plz we know all britney “heaters” like you LOSER!,are just madly in love with her hehe but won’t atmit it so they go arround internet checking for britney’s fan websites to put this kind of bullshit,srsly U HAVE TO STOP for ur own good.couse i herd unrequited love could kill ya… lol XD


commentor number: did you even pay attention to the FILM? she does talk and quite a bit. it’s your head that is completely empty. if you don’t like britney why did u even watch the damn film? i loved her before but now i respect her and understand a little bit more of y she did the things she did. everyone has a crazy moment but for us we dont have people chasing us with cameras every damn second of the day! so show some respect and quit trying to make yourself feel better by dissing on someone who has actually done something with her life!


Oh, I love Britney so much! Her last single is the best! Thank you for posting interesting links.

And for those people who don’t like Britney. Don’t post comments here. It’s only waste of time – we will not pay attention to it.


I am a fan of britney spears. But i wish she would just keep her thoughts and feelings to herself. When it comes to things that personal the only people she should be talking to are her friends are family who she knows would not judge her. The more that girl keeps opening up to the media the more they will hound her because they will think that she is their property to play around with. Who’s to blame for her breakdown?? Too many people, family, so called friends, tabloids, celeb mags, pappz, fans, media (who only see her as £££).

Do your thing Britney, make your music and be a fabulous mother to your two beautiful kids. Fuck the media, use them for what you have to use them for, and the rest of the time be britney the mother of two children, the girl from Louiseanna.


hi there!
ohhhkayyy there commenter number one. ur CLEARLY a britney hater. But if u were in her situation you would b practically paralyzed. she cant do anything, the whole world is watching her every move shes under plennnnty of stress there. remember Merilyn Monroe? i may have not have been alive then but she had the same pressure and did kill herself. i reallllllllllllllllllllllllly badly wanna c the britney doc, so does anyone know where i can find it on line? im dying to c it and i cant get it on tv. longgg. story. much appreciate if you know!


to the guy that wrote about britnet being stupid! people like you need to stay in your hole and stay there with all your BullShit!! ITS BRITNEY BIIIITSSSSSSSSSSSHHH she can do what ever she wants! as for you stay in your shit hole and dont come out no one wants to hear your negative shit!!! Britney rocks!!!! go girl keep doing your thang!!!


to the fuckface who commented on how the documentary was a waste of time because britney “had nothing to say”. and who is critising her performances and music videos. i have something to tell you. please go and jump off a cliff. if you dont like her, then why the fuck are you writing a page long responce about her? if you dont like her, then carry on with your everyday life… you supposedly think shes a ho, and does nothing but flash her pussy… so why do you even care enough about her to write a page about how much you think shes stupid??
go fuck yourself please.

Lauren Hawkins

I saw the “Britney: for the record” and at first i was wondering if she was on drugs like to many zanex..
But after watching her viedos and listeing to talk i realized that i have been right where she is, even though im not famous. I still have feeling like she did. Britney said she didnt want to go home b/c her kids were there and that was home…That may not make sense to some, but when your young and you have everything in life and the only thing to do is start a family of your own and share it with that special person and your childeren..All im saying is when i went through my divorce after being married at a young age 19 and 3 beautiful daughters to go with it,sometimes us strong,devoted,loving mothers,get off tract..
I have always had a saying about my life. I feel like someone put my life in a box and shook it all up then poured it out and put me on the outside and said now FIX IT!!! It felt to hard it couldnt be really happening,but it did and im right back on tract after 3years…Britney you are beautiful dont sweat the haters… Your new songs are great and i love womanizer….!!!! Your body bounced right back..To bad for Federline!!!!


I saw the “Britney: for the record” last night and throughout the whole 1.5 she practically had nothing to say
I can not understand the mentality of this woman is she really naïve or is she dumb or is she simply in a different world?
How on earth is she talking so simple knowing that the whole world has practically seen her pus** (in her womanizer video which is supposed to be about a firm woman standing up against a womanizer, she is acting like she is a ho wanting attention and practically harassing the guy not to mention her sauna scene which is utterly unnecessary and totally unrelated to the video and what on earth is she hiding? The whole world has already seen her pus**, no need to hide now… and those childish lyrics and music is utterly sad)
And then her performance last year which she addresses as an “ok” performance and is totally in denial of the mess it had caused, how high she was how drunk and how utterly sedated. And then the time she almost killed herself and her kids, the time when she used to walk on the streets talking nonsense with the pap*&8 behind her following her every psychotic move
Now I understand that she is lonely and sad and she will probably never recover but her audacity and the level of denial in her empty head makes you wonder if only the whole world thought like Britney, you know living in lala land where anything you do has no consequence…….


For someone who ‘hates’ Britney, you seem to watch her every waking minute!

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