Broadband Content Bits: BBC Mobile; ITN Source Relaunch; Evening Standard; Piratebay; Unite


ITN Source: TV footage archive ITN Source has got its hands on 70 years of broadcast material from South Asia after signing a deal with Asia News International (ANI) to license its content across all platforms. Some 5,000 of the most interesting clips, covering news, sport and India’s freedom movement, have already been digitised. With the ANI clips and its content from Channel 4, Reuters and others, ITN Source now claims to have more than a million hours of footage for customers to buy. Release.

BBC mobile: The BBC is to launch a new homepage for mobile users early next year designed to more closely replicate on handsets. The Beeb is in the midst of a big push to promote its mobile news service, which received 3.2 million unique users in September. From relaunch: Bauer Media is to revamp with better video and more interactive content incorporating all the usual High Street Honey-type features into a new design backed by digital agency Ralph. There will be improved “commercial opportunities”, but no word on exactly what. The site has 1.7 million monthly uniques according to ABCe. Via Media Week.

Evening Standard: DMGT’s London Evening Standard is putting content from its Friday night magazine supplement ES online at as part of a bid to beef up the paper’s digital offering after years publishing only a small part of the paper’s output online. The lifestyle magazine will have its own URL but will also be part of The Standard itself tried to increase its brand ID online with a new URL, which will publish the paper’s news and sport content while thisislondon will continue to house entertainment and listings. Via

ISP blocks Piratebay: Danish ISP Sonofon has been ordered to to block Swedish P2P file-sharing site Piratebay after a Danish court ruled it was playing a role in illegal file-sharing by allowing access to the site. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is pleased about the decision — though a similar ruling against Sonofon earlier this year has not had a dramatic effect on usage of Piratebay and the ISP still has the right to appeal to Denmark’s Supreme Court. From The Register

Unite: The UK’s largest trade union Unite is to move its quarterly members’ magazine United entirely online, the first trade union to do so permenantly. Howse Jackon Marketing will transfer the magazine’s content into an online magazine using page-turning technology. United is currently mailed to 1.1 million members, so the union considerably cuts down on printing and distribution overheads by ditching the print version. Release.

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