Time Magazine To Consolidate Global Editions, European Edition To Be Edited In New York


Following Time Inc’s announcement of 600 redundancies, Time magazine is reshuffling its global editions, a move that will take the editing of the EMEA edition from the magazine’s London bureau to its New York HQ, reports Keith Kelly of the New York Post. Time told staff last week it was cutting 20 jobs, or two-thirds of its London-based Time Europe team, though the company says it will continue to have an editorial presence in London.

And it’s not just Europe: Time‘s Sydney bureau chief Steve Waterson tells The Daily Telegraph in Sydney that nine journalists’ jobs are to be cut and the Sydney editorial bureau shut down, though a 30-strong sales team will remain. The South Pacific Time was put together there, but readers in that region will now get content from Time‘s Asian edition. Kelly also quotes sources who say that the EMEA edition will start to look a lot more like the Asia edition too, though each edition will retain some local coverage. The Time Warner-owned company has yet to confirm or deny any further closures, but question marks remain over the company’s bureaus such as those in Jeruselem and Berlin. A Time spokeswoman told the NY Post the moves were part of its “continuing process of aligning costs and operations” but said Time would “continue to maintain editorial services in London and Hong Kong”.

Update: Time Inc’s statement explaining the changes: “As part of its continuing process of aligning costs and operations to the way people consume news today, Time International is proposing to consolidate some editorial functions in New York, where Michael Elliott, the editor of Time International, has been based since 2006. Full text continues after the jump.

We will continue to maintain editorial services in London and Hong Kong so that we can publish our Asia and Atlo editions from there. Sadly, we have decided to cease publishing a separate editorial product for the South Pacific region, which will now be served by the Asia Pacific edition we produce out of Hong Kong. As with all editions of Time, the editorial content of the Asia Pacific edition will continue to be based on the timely and award-winning journalism of Time correspondents who are based all over the world, including in the Asia Pacific region.

Time remains committed to serving the Australian and New Zealand markets, and our business team, headquartered in Sydney, will remain in place to serve our readers, subscribers and advertisers there.”

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