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Terrorist Attacks In Bombay, Follow on Twitter

Another terrorist attack in India, this time in India’s financial & entertainment capital, Mumbai (Bombay.) I have been following this for a while on Twitter, where people from the city are reporting whatever updates they can get. It is a depressing start to a Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S. You can follow the news here on Twitter, or watch some of the live reports on NDTV and CNN. There are also photos on Flickr.

I am just shocked at the sheer magnitude of the attack, which has left more than 75 dead and 200 injured, along with news of people being taken hostage. The ghastly acts saw terrorists attacking various locations, including busy train station, hotels and hospitals. The shootouts saw some senior cops killed in the line of duty, and the Army has been called in. The shock is so extreme that I am incapable of anger.

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  1. Rick Huffman I hope you were drinking whiskey when you wrote yor 3.09 posting.

    I am Irish with no agenda, however it is my opinion that the American people know nothing about the world we live in or their countries forigen policy. Just take your example that Americas new Black hope is going to solve the worlds terror problem??? Did you see his election campaign he mentioned at least two nations he would go to war with. The new black hope is no better than the White Warlord Bush so wake up you stupid man.

    Lets see how long it takes before Obama goes to war!!! Lets see how quick he pulls troops out of Iraq. Best spin ever by a government was in the news headline a few months back, America withdraws troops from Iraq the next day the troops didnt land back in down town Little Rock or Florida but Afganistan.

    Until countries stop pumping money into their military and stop making and developing arms what happened in mumbai will continue around the world. Any country with a military or that makes and develops arms has blood on their hands.

  2. Rick Huffman I hope you were drinking whiskey when you wrote yor 3.09 posting.

    I am Irish with no agenda, however it is my opinion that the American people know nothing about the world we live in or their countries forigen policy. Just take your example that Americas new Black hope is going to solve the worlds terror problem??? Did you see his election campaign he mentioned at least two nations he would go to war with. The new black hope is no better than the White Warlord Bush so wake up you stupid man.

    Lets see how long it takes before Obama goes to war!!! Lets see how quick he pulls troops out of Iraq. Best spin ever by a government was in the news headline a few months back, America withdraws troops from Iraq the next day the troops didnt land back in down town Little Rock or Florida but Afganistan.

    Until countries stop pumping money into their military and stop making and developing arms what happened in mumbai will continue around the world. Any country with a military or that makes and develops arms has blood on their hands.

  3. A lot of us(mumbaikars) blame mumbai police for being currupt and inefficient.
    But just think about the courage those police officials showed, especially the hawaldars who risked their life with no bullet proof jacket or automatic weapons and faced those milants armed with AK-47 and grenades.
    My heart goes for these brave hawaldars who are often critised by the educated middle class without understanding the condition and facility they work with.

  4. Jayanta Dey

    nobody born as a TERRORIST some people make them TERRORIST for their own interest.So the time is comming find out them & STOP them first then only all problem can solve.

    who all are using us?Every body know the fact.



    Yes we are indian only—- we proud to be an INDIAN.

  5. the india government have no intention to fight against terrorists
    most of indian have weak memory after some week all will forget this terrorist attack
    do their normal work

    AS a indian i can forgive all the terrorists

    but not manmhoan and sonia

  6. this is the time to wake up at least now,this time have to teach a good lesson to the enemy elements, in such a way that they should never dare to spell our name also
    jai hind

  7. Amit Gupta

    I just have one question for all Indians:
    Why is our government so dependent on Pakistan government’s opinion and help to protect India against terrorism?
    The truth is that our politicians are using strategies that are older than themselves. We look like we are begging Pakistan to cooperate. But honestly what is the point of blaming a country like Pakistan. The United States is well aware that this country is largely lawless. By some estimates more than 50 percent of the country is not under government rule and they run their own parallel governments. Why are we wasting our bandwidth trying to opern our airspace, rail roads and waters to the most dangerous place on earth? Every terrorist incident of significance in the last 5 years has originated in Pakistan. When will we started taking steps to protect ourselves and making our national security world class? Everytime there is an attack our government puts another band-aid on our bleeding wounds and goes back to sleep! Can Mumbai inspire this country out of complacency? Or we destined to be broken up into many countries?

  8. finally its over in mumbai, but fight continues….
    Comandos have done a very fantastic job. Fire briged has done the same. But politicians has again laid us down and looks like they will never change.
    and about the terrorist whos been caught should be every 15 days brought out in front of the public an torched and next 15 days left to be recovered and again torched.

  9. Robb Barrett

    we are all strangled by political correctness we should examine much more closely
    muslims living amongst us ,and dont be afraid to want to want to be truly british.
    you can be sure that if the rolls were reversed and british people were populating
    asian countrys we would not be aforded the same welcome .
    this is a case of biting the hand that has fed you.

  10. Our only hope against this latest threat is Obama. Obama will call upon all nations to reject this type of violence. Obama is bringing change to America. We will now all work together for a new nation. Obama has the right idea; to get everyone involved in community service and service to others. He will do away with the military as such and replace it with a volunteer civil defense that will cover all aspects of national security, under one banner. Programs will be established to repair and rejuvenate out cities infrastructure. All unemployed will take part in this new effort and all will be paid and provided health care and shelter. The US will grow in strength and the world will wonder at how easy it was. It just takes the right man to get it started.
    You can click on my name to see who I am.

  11. Rick Huffman

    This is just going to get worse. Within six-months we, the US, will have terrorist blowing themselves up in our malls and airports. These people will not stop until all pledge themselves to Islamic law.

  12. Robb Barrett

    these guys will turn out to be muslims ,and could well be UK muslims .
    how on earth did UK get to this .we shame our selfs by letting such
    murderers live amongst us and call themselfs Brtish . they quite clearly
    dont have any of our values for life .

  13. Its Funny everybodys discussion here keeps coming back to Religion. Get it into your thick heads Religion is the root of all evil here.

    All your talk, all these actions keep coming back to the one thing Religion………… Its time to see the wood from the trees Guys!!

  14. Wondering

    I’m wondering the same thing regarding the Media Blackout.

    They need to stop playing the STUPID comments over and over which have proven to be false.

    Just show a live shot already and dont talk anymore.

  15. This is horrible, nothing can justify what is happening in Mumbai. The ideal goal of “Mass Mediated Terrorism”, is the flashing lights, the 24/7 rolling cameras and global attention the terrorists seek.

    Unfortunately, They have met and succeeded in their goals.

    As for my Indian friends, there is a fuel to this fire. How can we condemn one act of violence as horrific, terror, and unjustified because they targeted unarmed civilians for their causes. On the other hand condoning the killing of unarmed civilians by our own security forces. I strongly believe these events are linked, and/or provided motivation for Mumbai atrocity.

    we have to ask some tough questions to ourselves, is our nationalism blinding us? are we blurring the definitions of “just killing”? and even is our nationalism also terrorism? These kinds of things get played in the hands of terrorists and provide compelling recruiting tool, and ammunition.

    we live in a dangerous world, we are only reactionaries if we only pay heed to the issues facing us after the fact. We have to be proactive not only we have to eliminate immediate threats, but also try to reduce the grievances of the affected and disenfranchised masses within India and in neighboring unstable countries i.e Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

    If we can’t prevent all of it, because we do not know what kind of thoughts are going in someone’s sick head. we can reduce it to a great extent by trying to rehabilitate some of this sickness.

  16. getfactscorrect

    iwanta comment on whats happened in India.
    As a British Indian(Sikh), I am absolutely disgusted that i hear no outrage from the large pakistani community here in UK against what has happened.
    The muslims believe that there are unsettled scores to settle because they ruled us for so many centuries and because they are outnumbered by the HIndus and sikhs, that they have a right to terrorise us. Most of my ancestors and indeed founders of my religion(it took 10 gurus) to fight off the mughals who callously tried to convert everybody in India to their religion. How can they say that the countries in S.E Asia are btter off being muslim when they themselves are forced settlers in our country. They were not invited by us, and neither were they asked to convert our people. They now want to continue terrorising us and our countrymen with these kind of acts. Why do you hide behind sweet facades?Why dont you come out and be man or woman enough to admit what you’ve done in our country. As for the Indian govt,come on, you need to wake up intelligence and set up more CCTV cameras everywhere.MOdern warfare requires more sophisticated gadgets. A few cameras in prominent places wud be a gud start!

  17. teachthemasses

    Why has there suddenly been a media blackout by India?
    If there are 40 terrorists, 11 dead, 2 arrested and 1 or 2 in the Taj, where are the other 28? i am confused by all this and feel something is wrong in this picture.

  18. Mumbai….This is yet another travesty to happen in the name of somthing that no one will ever understand. I feel so sorry for those famalies and people that have lost their lives in this and every other attack that happens.

    Who is responsible?

    The British are responsible for damage to…………………….
    Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Botswana, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Sudan, UAE, Yemen,Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,Brunei, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore,Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Tuvalu, Ireland, The Fauklands…….

    The US is responsible for damage to………….Where do we start?

    Israel is responsible for?………..But hey poor Israel!!

    Spain is responsible for the damage to…………..
    Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela,Cuba, Dominican Republic,Equatorial Guinea, Western Sahara,Philippines

    France is responsible for damage to………….
    French Guiana, Haiti, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Algeria, Djibouti, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

    Portugal is responsible for damage to…………
    Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Oman, East Timor

    Belgium is responsible for…………
    Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda

    Italy were not too bad they only damaged Libya……

    The Soviet Union is responsible…
    Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan

    The Dutch probably done every other nation i didnt mention above……
    Dont think we need to mention the WAR!!!! or Germany for that matter….

    But hey why let a little history ruin our day to day lives in the developed world. The simple fact is, I dont know and most other people from the developed world dont know what it is like to be dragged up with hate for every other nation on the planet, to be brought up in the lowest form of poverty with the message that some other nation is responsible for the hell on earth you live in.

    All we hear about in the media is the The Middle East problem, The African problem….. Who caused these problems? whos going to solve them? Who is going to create a world we can all live in peace?

    Well dont look to Religion, how many gods do we need, how many types of religion do we need. I think in todays world religion is nothing more than an excuse to hate.

    What we need is Faith, let religion go to Hell and let the past go with it.

    Never blogged before, probably never will again but had to get that off my chest.

    Have Faith

  19. reodigital

    Reports here in Chicago is that Isreal has sent in a Mossad ‘Kidon’ hit unit to help Mumbai Commandos in the hunt for the remaining terrorists. 26 gunmen are unaccounted for, the others have been captured or killed.
    A Manhunt is on as of now.

  20. !!!!Wake up !!!!
    !!!!Mumbai Under attack !!!!We could be the next target !!!!

    Like all Indians and other peoples of different countries I am too totally moved by this tragic incident in Mumbai..
    Many innocent people lost their lives in this terror attack…

    I am or I must say we all are continuously watching all news channels for recent coverage…

    I appreciate our media,Mumbai police, arm forces and each and every person who is trying hard to evacuate the current terror zones ,and make them safe from terrorists…

    And I am proud about the recent operation at Nariman House and Hotel Oborai has been successfully completed,
    and the terrorists have been killed by our soldiers…

    But the terrorists and the terrorist organizations don’t know and even don’t get this simple point that what they are going to get after all these drama is nothing but only curse of all the dead innocent people and their relatives and the well wishers from all over the world…

    Terrorism is now like business for these people ….
    Those who don’t have any aim in their life , no future they mostly join these troops to make other people harm and get shot after that activity…

    Why don’t they get such a simple thing that you are killing anyone’s brother,mother,father….
    Why don’t they get such a simple thing ???


    These like terrorist activities can never make any nation weak . Not India …
    They can not fill our heart with terror…..
    We are the symbol of unity and nearby nations don’t like our happiness that is why they so this like activities ….

    Like some times family members fight with each other( like the recent events took place in Mumbai) but when other try to take advantage of this situation( the recent attacks by terrorists) all the members of the family unite and throw the intruders out…..

    Same is the situation here …..

    And we are now heading towards the success …

    If we think in the positive direction this is the alarm bell for us yes the Today’s generation ..We are not giving priority to the safety of our nation .We are in a habit of being pass our responsibilities to the next weaker person…

    I do agree I am Running away from my responsibilities and you should also accept this ….

    We need to get unite and try to build a new nation of all the young fresh minds…

    I think that Indian Government should makes rules for every candidate who is representing any party in elections..
    Like ..
    Candidate post graduate with more than 70% with no gaps in the degree or so ..
    Must have a clean background ,
    Like these which we face in our interviews to get a job.
    I wonder why there are no such rules in election for the eligibility procedure ….
    Hope this comment reach the deserving persons ..
    who can take decisions for the well future of India ….

    At last I want to say that together we can stop terrorism…

    Jai Hind !!
    Jai Bharat !!

  21. I am as devastated as each one of you here.

    The frustration and anger that some of you have is coming out in the form of thoughts that we would not make if something like this did not happen. If you really meant to kill police officials, etc etc, then there would be no difference between us and the terrorists whose minds have been corrupted with ideologies that are definitely not a part of the Islam.

    I guess most of the comments here are from people who were born in India and now settled abroad (like me). I am also to be blamed for doing all the talking and not contributing enough to make the country better. After getting all the good education provided by India, I sit here in the comfort of my PC, typing my way to glory about what went wrong and what could have been done right.

    If each one of us did something to give back to the country from where we came from, this world would be a much better place to live in.

    Om, sorry for drifting away from this topic, but could not help writing.

    My deepest condolences to the families that are suffering right now due to this tragedy.

  22. it is extremely upsetting to watch my Mumbai torn apart bya abunch of young men who are misled by fundamentalists.
    It si very true that not all muslims are terrorists but please don’t find excuses for these horrible acts. You can’t say, they have done something horrible but they had a good reason for it. There can’t be any good reaon for killing all these people.
    Please don’t even try to justify such an act……don’t blame it so randomly on USA. It is an act of fundamentalists who have no human feelings. This must be condemned by all human beings.

  23. To say that Muslims are behind this violence is a big mistake. Because if all Muslims were like this they would have self-destructed ages ago. If any Muslim is involved does not mean all Muslims are the same they are not and condemn such things. What if a Hindu is captured does that mean all Hindus are the same? Religious differences aside and this problem has to be resolved by the security forces, without further loss of life. If all the terrorists are captured it would be possible to tell who is really responsible.
    It could very well be that the USA is behind this – it has a grander purpose to occupy both Pakistan and India and the pretext they will use is the pretext that Al-Qaeda has invaded Mumbai. That is one conspiracy theory making the rounds. Cross border invasion of Pakistan by the USA is regular – to start attacking beyond Pakistan an elaborate terrorist attack had to be planned. Another common thing is that the USA does not like countries which make a great deal of money through tourism. They have all but destroyed the tourism industry of Pakistan now it is India’s to suffer. The USA is jealous of countries which make this way. When it was reported that Egypt was making several billion US Dollars from its tourism industry a plan was set in motion to massacre tourists in their buses. The tourism industry was on the brink of collapse. It recovered later. The USA does not like countries which are self-sufficient have their income from different sources – it wants money to go to US banks not anywhere else. If any country begins to show any sign of progress the US will make every effort to bring it down. The immediate result of the terrorism in Mumbai is that tourists start leaving in India. Many may not return for several years to come. This is not simply an attack on hotels and killing of people the purpose is destroy the Indian tourism industry as much as possible.

  24. I want to kill all police officials who has prior knowledge tht Oberoi will be attack in near furture and politician who has either hid at the time of crisis or doing same politics.
    i condemn such act n people

  25. its so sad Shocking news to every one, and more over this is the time to be united.Please pray for the people who effected in the bad incident.

    But may be Pakistan is not involve in it.may be its plane by any indian agencies like in Samjohota Express to show america that they are as affected as America or does not matter 4 agencies tht they can kill their own people for internation interse.
    Think about it.
    why pakistanies will do this try to feel the pain of pakistanies people who loses more life than indian in this terroist war. than how u can say that these people are muslim and pakistanies.if they are muslim then why they are killing inocent people in pakistan .In last year pakistan has more sucside attack then any other country in the world.then who is responsible for that. this is not the time to Blame but to think positively.
    Dot just blame Pakistan or Islam.Take care

  26. This is something that has to be highly condemned. ITs a shame for our nation. Its time we stand together and fight this back. I came across a number of videos on the attack in the link below. They are really disturbing and making us feel for our country…

    These coverages give us the real picture. If you see the below coverage, we get the feel that the mission to help the hostages has taken longer.

    We cannot leave this to keep happening. These people will face it one day. The day cannot be too far. As Indians we need to stand together as one to battle the ugly face of terrorism.