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Terrorist Attacks In Bombay, Follow on Twitter

Another terrorist attack in India, this time in India’s financial & entertainment capital, Mumbai (Bombay.) I have been following this for a while on Twitter, where people from the city are reporting whatever updates they can get. It is a depressing start to a Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S. You can follow the news here on Twitter, or watch some of the live reports on NDTV and CNN. There are also photos on Flickr.

I am just shocked at the sheer magnitude of the attack, which has left more than 75 dead and 200 injured, along with news of people being taken hostage. The ghastly acts saw terrorists attacking various locations, including busy train station, hotels and hospitals. The shootouts saw some senior cops killed in the line of duty, and the Army has been called in. The shock is so extreme that I am incapable of anger.

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  1. Does this make sense?? I am in USA and watching CNN for last 50 hours. I have seen spokepersons for the UK Govt, the US Govt, the Israeli Govt and even the Pakistani Ambassador to USA providing updates on the situation. The one country that does not have any one providing any updates at all is INDIA. Do we not understand the role of and importance of a Indian Central Govt spokesperson disseminating reliable and regular information to the world? Do we not have any one media savvy enough to help restore confidence to the public and also to the rest of the world regarding how we are handling this situation? Compare this with disasters of similar size or magnitude.

    India is on the cusp of breaking out and becoming a world economic power and here it is we are clearly demonstrating that we are not ready. World is watching and before the rest of the world start forming an opinion that India is now becomming a hot bed of terrorism just like Pakistan and Palestine, we need to pre-empt this seed of thought in th erest of the world’s mind.

    Let’s get our act together India. Do we not have an Indian Ambassador to US or UK who is media savvy enough to hit the broadcast/media waves and start restoring the confidence and image and do some damage control?????

  2. While I am pening down these things I am thinking about the courage these terrorists have. They could get in kargil and kill our country people, they come in our trains and again kill more people, they have left no place for us where we can go and hide. Why our government does not do anything? This is a clear picture displaying our forces. No border of our country is secured. Terrorists are able to come from everyside of our country. We are dying everyday and no one is bothered about us – THE COMMON MAN. Politicians will now make this a political issues, they will only give lectures and do nothing else. I am not very hopeful if any of our forces are well equipped to fight incase of any attack. When 10 terrorists can easily shatter our world, imagine what will happen if there were a few more. One more KARGIL WAR. We need to become one and fight for our rights. But then I know our police can catch us and beat us up but not these terrorists. Thats only because our police, forces and politicians are scared of PAKISTAN.

    Where is RAJ THAKERY and his SHIV SENA now. They are ready to beat our country men why not fight with these terrorist too. Why raj thakery cannot remove these people from mumbai as he was removing other Indians. When we are at fault I dont find a reason to blame others much.

  3. I am in Canada and have been watching this horrible news on NDTV for the last 32 hours. Just like everybody else, I am also just watching and doing nothing – sounds familiar? We have learnt to deal with these sort of attacks, I guess we have developed a thick skin to accept this sort of insult, torture to our mother land – India, havent we? Some one has mentioned that until it strikes my own home, it doesnt bother me. With the economical boom and cultural change, we are slowly forgetting our own culture and heritage and our own strengths. When I visit to India now, I get absolutely amazed to see how people are running after money and forgetting our own culture/heritage. If some one has an accident and lying on the street, some people stop by to look at what’s happened (we call them rubber necks) but dont take the time to do anything. Similar analogy can be given in this terrorist attacks as well. We just silently watch tv news and pack our own lunch and go for work, just to make sure that my home is safe and sound. Have we asked ourselves how many times we have been attacked in the last couple years? You may be next on line…
    I think the time has come to treat this seriously and do something really brutal to these bastards so that next time another terrorist or suicide bomber whoever will think twice before they commit these kinda crime.
    Lets not point our fingers to anybody. Some politicians or higher officials are doing their duties. No politician would like to see these kind of horrific event in their term. I bet you it is nightmare to everybody. Some one is finding faults on Navy, some are blaming police officials etc. It is the time that we UNITEDLY do something to combat these cowardly acts. Only request I can make to the legal officials that lets come up with some kind of punishment so that next time these bastards get a goosebumps before they commit themselves.
    I am so proud or our NSG, Military officials, Navy commandos, police officials, fire fighters, medical personnel for their outstanding work. I bet you they are not doing for money. They take their job as a pride.
    I pray to god for all the officials, who lost their lives in the line of duty to save civilians’ lives, so that their soul rest in peace and request to all the civilians so that they remember these people. Govt should make statues or some kind of mementos so that we will always remember them and pay due respect for their heroic acts. How many of us know their names? In the TV, they are mentioning the top officials name only; how about the hawaldars or constables, who lost their lives in the line of duty? I also pray to god for all the innocent people who lost their lives – may they be Indian origin or foreign nationals. Some one may be some ones mother, father, son, daughter, friends…
    Where are we heading? What type of county we are building for our children or next generation people?
    Request to Govt officials or corrupted politicians – you have made enough money for yourself. Are you happy? Can you go to bed peacefully?

  4. This is a SCARY Scenario!!!!!! While everybody is busy making insta Punditry comments and after-the-fact analysis of the situation, I am not sure if anyone is thinking of what might be going on in the heads of those terrorists….

    Here’s one scenario..I hope I am wrong….There are still terrorists in each of the three targets – Oberoi, taj and Nariman House/Chabad. Why are these guys, who are now so badly outnumbered still hiding and worse – still not captured?? I think they are in this for the Jihad…There are two options to flush them out..
    1. Cut all supplies, Starve them and ultimately they will come out – WRONG !!! They might be prepared for this and will be able to survive or worse start killing the hostages (approximately 20-25 in each of this three locations)

    2. Secure every floor of each of these locations. Requires enormous amount of man-power to really secure each floor and keep moving up to the 20 – 21 floor where these guys are holed in. Then when enough number of Military folks are in there, these bastards are going to blow up these buildings..Killing hundreds more.

    This is very plausible considering the fact that these guys were surveilling these targets for months. God knows, they had the time and opportunity to plant the explosives all over in enough quantity to take the buildings down..

    For them, this is their day in glory. They are prepared to die or else they would have surrendered by now. They are baiting the rescuers with the hostages and then take all of them down. Its a no-lose situation for them. They have already killed hundreds. If scenario 1 plays out, they kill 75-100 more, if scenario 2 plays out they kill those 75-100 plus hundreds more !!!

    PLEASE !!! Someone get this plausible scenarios to the Indian authorities on-the ground there in Mumbai….

    This is a nightmare waiting to happen !!!!!!


  5. What a terrible tragedy! I don’t understand how anyone can think this is a way to further their cause. Ghandi would be appalled! It is time for all nations to come together to work toward solving hunger, disease and all the other issues that plague mankind. How can we, as a species, hope to survive when we destroy ourselves?

    I am for peace! Google my full name, Richard Neal Huffman

  6. Where was Indian Navy???? Just catching Somali pirates? Where is Raj Thakare??? In the hiding?? Where is the collective outrage from ordinary citizens?? General APATHY has taken over Mumbaikars and India!!!

    What a shamefull display of incompetency and failures at all the levels….Even the PR was a failure by its absence. Where is the Govt designated spokes-person disseminating news to the rest of the world atleast to preserve a semblance of a Govt in control? ..And the thousands of by-standers??? Shame on you..Shoving and pushing a female CNN news reporter on the ground??? Ma bahen hai kya nahin kisiko??? Disgusting…This is being shown all over the world for last two days….over and over again !!!! WAKE UP Fellows !!!!!!!

  7. Amit Gupta

    Here is my Hypothesis of how the Mumbai terrorist attack was made possible:
    The Pakistan Marine Agency has been kidnapping and capturing Indian fishing vessels for the last 5 years. Look at this news link:
    Pakistan then puts these kidnapped fishermen into jail and periodically decides to either release them or to keep them languishing in jail depending on whether it wants to take favors from India to release its citizens languishing in Indian jails for much more heinous crimes.

    The Indian government has done nothing, zilch, nada in the last many years to take care of the above situation.

    The terrorists apparently took this situation a step further. They took the help of the Pakistan Marine Agency

    to kill/kidnap and hijack an Indian fishing trawler. Next they loaded up the vessel with explosives and
    grenades manufactured in Pakistani factories. Finally they entered Mumbai (with all their prior research and review of the cities famous landmarks and their floor plans) and launched these attacks.

    Conclusion: The above goes to show that there are several factors leading to this tragedy:
    1) the lackadaisical attitude of the government in dealing firmly with Pakistan
    2) the apathy of Indian citizens who were happy to be tolerant and look the other way
    3) the absence of policing security and law system that protects the citizenry proactively
    4) the lack of political will to impose strong laws – the Congress is a leader on this
    5) the willingness to negotiate with terrorists – the BJP created a horrible precedent during the Indian
    Airlines hijacking incident few years ago
    6) the lack of cool self-assessment of what India’s strengths and weaknesses are in the security and law/order area
    7) opening up of borders with Pakistan – a country that is predominantly lawless and where the government only pretends to govern. We have spent too much time trying to build a relationship with a government that cannot control its internal environment
    8) ignoring the dangers posed by allowing Pakistanis to enter Indian territory by air, land and water without realizing the dangers it would pose to Indian lives
    9) constant interference in the functioning of the defence forces by the Indian government
    10) not investing in intelligence, security and training that is world class to ensure that the police can deal with such incidents
    11) agnostic Indian citizen psyche that refuses to get united and is happy in living in denial untill they are not personally attacked
    12) a citizenry that does not hold its politicians responsible for their actions.

  8. I am afraid that Indians and everybody world over will forget this in a week. After the train bombings the same thing happened everybody forgot and we have new attacks. We Indians are like cows we have been telling the Islamic terrorists come slit my throat and there is nothing that I am going to do about it.

    My neighbor was killed so what !? I am not going to worry until the terrorists knock my doors.This is our attitude towards the problem..this is what’s wrong with us. Our politicians take full advantage of it and so do the terrorists.

    CNN has been saying that India is becoming a breeding ground for terrorists. I a devastated to hear it. Are we going to be another world power or just a victim at the hands of terrorists ?

  9. Those who claim to act in terror in the name of Islam are against humanity and Islam. They essentially have political motives and can be misguided. Acting in the name of religon for a political cause is hypocrisy.

  10. It just makes one angry, but then it is India. We are a cricket democracy; in cricket 11 people play and 11 million watch and in India 10 nasty politicians divide the country and 100 crore people watch silently.

    The strike is claimed by “Decan Muzahiddin”, which means terrorists from southern part of India. They seem to have been inspired by south indian leaders whose hearts are crying for LTTE, a known terrorist outfit even by the US and UK and these terrorists seems to be following our leaders in letter and spriti. At the same time, we have leaders in Maharastra who have already shred the social fabric to pieces and have created vandalism in the name of language division. Every other state is doing the same now in the name of language and at center we have the weakest leadership possible in history of independent India.

    They have done is at an time when they know it will hurt the most. Economy is in turmoil and this was the time to hit at a country which is supposed to bring the world out of the crisis along with China. As usual our leader say it is an “unfortunate event” and they will not do anything.

    Good news is we have Election. It is high time that we vote for people who come only with development as an agenda and I bet people will. And I am sure it will be over soon and the impact will be short term. Mumbai is amazingly great when resiliency of spirit is concerned, it was up the very next day after 2006 blasts.

  11. Capt. Gurdeep Singh

    I sincerely hope that this hour of darkness can bring all Indians, Hindus, Muslims, Bihari or Mumbiakar together .
    This is not something which should divide us.All of us know that there are a lot of lessons to be learnt, but what what comes foremost for us to understand that this is AN ATTACK.Trained military personnel have come from Pakistan(they might call them terrorists).
    Just remember AN ATTACK on India should not be taken lightly.We have to do whatever is necessary to severly punish all those who were at any stage connected with this attack.
    Any terrorist reading this please note INDIA IS STRONGER THAN YOU.

  12. If you want to do something against this barbarism, it is simple. Inform yourself about islam and you will see that it is rotten at its core and that’s why it keeps producing Jihadists all over the world, regardless of the political circumstances and regardless of the wealth of the country.

    If you become aware that islam is evil, you will have helped inupholding human rights and freedom tremendously. Next, talk about it to your friends….even if it’s just one or two, it’s enough. Just keep doing it,until the world realizes it is facing a formidable fascist ideology garbed into a religion.

  13. As long as people are being lied to when they are told that islam is a religion of peace, nothing can be done to prevent muslims from creating mayhem and taking over pieces of land one after another, through immigration, demographics, intimidation and terror.

    If civilisation can’t get rid of this cancer that is islam, our grand children will all be living in a shit hole like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia or Saudi Arabia.

  14. Going to bed, now, trying to catch some sleep. I, too, have been following on American TV and streaming feeds from India.

    I apologize to all who care for the South Asian world [all the world, I guess] for the ignorance and foolish comments of many Americans at one or another blog.

    Silly talking heads on TV seem to feel the only way they can connect Americans to this horror is by saying this “is India’s 9/11”. They have no knowledge of extent of conflict and terror like this through the region. The people of India have been trying to work their way forward through this conflict since the day the English decreed partition.

    I apologize, OM, for waxing political. It’s just that my anger extends to more than the perpetrators of today’s crimes.

  15. Another cowardly attack on innocent citizens. Our prayers are for the victims and families. But knowing Mumbai it will be back to normal by today evening / tomorrow and that will be the biggest slap on the face of these cowards. Hope the politicians don’t politicise the matter.

  16. Lets pray on the eve of Thanksgiving Day that city returns to normalcy at the earliest. Also, THANK YOU to all the people set on the ‘helping’ effort already…people in Mumbai need more helping hands at this hour.

    Most of the latest is out there on TV, but the common request is for donation of blood:

    J J Hospital: +91 22 23739031
    St. George’s Hospital: +91 22 22620240

  17. Mumbaikar

    The Old Taj is a large heritage site with a huge amount of wooden structures inside. An absolutely beautiful structure now engulfed in flames.

    The Deccan Mujahideen – a terrorist organization based in south India has claimed responsibility (source: NDTV). NDTV is also reporting that the Taj encounter has ended, and rescue missions are in progress.

    This is an act of war, and should be handled accordingly.

  18. Sameer Pitalwalla

    Om, not the right time, but its the commercial capital, not the capital. Bombay has gone completely mad, over 80 people killed. Don’t trust twitter, since those feeds are based on the news and the news itself is confused.

  19. g2-6a0b2eb6da7094e400d6f4c60dc9f670

    I was in Mumbai just yesterday, staying in Colaba. This is shocking. The magnitude of this attack is by far the worst India’s ever seen. Our prayers with all affected.