Average Betty, Snoop Dogg on Martha: NTV Station Today


Yesterday we gave you tips on turkey; today, we’re all about side dishes. First — nothing says Thanksgiving like Snoop Dogg helping Martha Stewart mash potatoes. By which I mean: Let us give thanks.

And how can you truly judge a recipe unless you try it on your own? And, by the same logic, how can you truly judge a cooking video unless you try it on your own? I put the cooking web series Average Betty to the test in my own kitchen, and documented the process of making her dinner rolls on camera. Check out the video and Betty’s original recipe at NewTeeVee Station.



Man this fatherhood season is great.. Roy jones jr was on it last night


snoop and martha?? ive seen it all now.. haha.. i hope she makes an appearance on fatherhood 2


Thank you Liz and NTV! What a great holiday treat for Average Betty! Love the dinner roll video you posted… fun to see someone following an Average Betty recipe in their own kitchen! Just want to add that it is common for viewers to ask specific questions about the recipes (for example, “what is dry milk?” in your case) — questions are typically raised in comments on the website recipe page, but are also asked via Twitter, YouTube, etc, and Betty is quick to respond. This conversation between Betty and her viewers is one of the really fun aspects of a “new media” cooking show. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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