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Are You Buying on Black Friday?

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Thanksgiving is great for celebrating family and gluttony, but it’s also the last impediment between you and Black Friday, the day stores reel you in with low low LOW prices! But with the economy in the dumps, seems like everyone is making a prediction as to how much you’ll spend and what you’ll buy. Here’s just a sampling:

  • comScore forecasts flat holiday online spending at $29.2 billion and total holiday spending at $131.3 billion
  • eMarketer predicts $30.3 billion in online spending and a total of $136.8 billion
  • Six in 10 U.S. shoppers plan on cutting back in at least one category of communications and media entertainment, according to a new survey by Oliver Wyman, a unit of Marsh & McLennan Companies, but the company sees HDTV sales growing 3 percent
  • Nielsen forecasts holiday sales of $98 billion, but its survey found that 35 percent of respondents plan to spend less this year
  • The NPD Group found that many people who were planning to buy 40-inch or bigger flat panel TVs have changed their mind because of the bad economy
  • An ABI Research survey found that 18 percent of respondents were planning on purchasing an HDTV this holiday season

But those are just projections. We want to know how the economy is impacting your holiday shopping.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Black Friday discounts on HDTVs will extend through the end of the year — will you be picking up a new television? And would the arrival of a $150 Blu-ray player get you to switch to the high-definition format? Or are you ditching DVDs altogether to buy a set-top box from the likes of Apple, Netflix or Blockbuster? Tell us what you’re buying and give us your tips on how to find the best bargains for video products this holiday season.

2 Responses to “Are You Buying on Black Friday?”

  1. My husband and his aunts have done Black Friday shopping for the past five years. They look like an invasion team with their cell phones and their strike plan for who will be hitting what store :-). This year, though, no one is really excited about it, not just because of the economy but also because there isn’t anything on a deep discount that any of us want. We’ve already loaded up on $15 coffee makers and $50 DVD players. Unless someone puts a Nintendo DS or an XBox out there for $50, we won’t be biting.