Xperia X1 Xpands: Facebook, Windows Live, Dashwire panels

Facebookexperia11Some are calling Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1 the "best Windows Mobile phone in business" and whether you believe that or not, you can’t argue that the handset’s on-screen panels make it unique. The large, touchable panels are akin to widgets or applications that sit atop the base Windows Mobile user interface. Part of me believes that the Xperia’s panels are not just for quick-and-easy access to useful apps. Since Microsoft doesn’t offer a centralized mobile application store as Apple and Google do, I’m wondering how large the downloadable Sony Ericsson software offering could get.

It actually gets a little larger today with the addition of three new panels:

  • Facebook – Om returned his X1 review unit just before this launched, and that’s probably a good thing or  he’d be a social butterfly and get nothing done. With the new Facebook panel, there’s a new visual representation of your friend’s status, you can upload photos directly, even use a click-to-call feature to actually speak to your online friends. Imagine that!
  • Microsoft Windows Live – With a Windows Live ID, you can sync contact information stored in the cloud with your local X1 contact list. This panel also offers access to Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger for even more communication options.
  • Dashwire – Here you can automatically sync information between your X1 and a Dashwire account in the cloud. Contacts, text messages, photos, videos, calls and settings from your X1 can all be viewed from a web browser on any computer. Looks like it provides some peace of mind as a backup of your phone’s data.

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