Schedule TiVo recordings from any phone: TiVo Mobile

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Tivo_iphoneTiVo has partnered up with Mobui to create a web-based method that you can use to schedule recordings to your TiVo DVR. We saw a similar mobile solution announced back in September, but that was specific to RIM’s BlackBerry devices and I don’t think it’s live yet. With Mobui, TiVo can offer a way to remotely record television content through any "mobile phone type, carrier or mobile browser."

To schedule recordings, you’ll want to point your phone browser to There you can search content listings by actor, title, director, or keyword and Mobui says that Daily Recommendations and the Most Popular recordings will be listed as well. The service is free and is actually available for non-TiVo customers as well, so folks can browse content listings even without a TiVo account.

I took a quick spin of the mobile site on my iPhone, even though I’m not a TiVo customer. It was easy to navigate and useful to see information on upcoming eps of the shows I watch. Aside from when the shows are and what channel they’re on, there’s a short synopsis of the episode. If you’re not a TiVo customer and don’t use other program guide software, this could be handy, although the information is a little slim.

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Dave Zatz

The Blackberry app isn’t live yet. The first iteration will probably be similar to the Java app(s) Verizon has been offering TiVo subscribers for over a year – though the WAP site and Blackberry are free, whereas VZW charges $2/mo.

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