NBA Gets Its Games Jacked


Jacked, the online real-time stats service that complements your TV sports viewing, has partnered with the NBA to provide the Jacked Sportstop to the league’s teams.

Jacked is meant to offer a two-screen experience for sports. So for example, a fan watching a Washington Wizards game on oldteevee will be able to sit down with their laptop as well and log on to the Wizards’ web site to receive a real-time stream of data such as stats, play visualizations, photos, and even chat option to talk with other fans.

The Jacked service will not appear at, but instead will run on individual team sites and through Ten teams have signed on to use Jacked, and another 15 have contracts in negotiations (the remaining five teams have not reached the contract stage yet).

The advertising revenue models get complicated pretty quickly, but here’s a top-level overview. The NBA will sell national advertising and will split that revenue with Jacked. If a game is watched on, Jacked will keep all of the revenue from any local ads it sells. If a game is watched through an individual team’s site, Jacked will sell and split local ad revenue with the team.

The NBA is the first national-level customer for Jacked, whose current client roster includes the Big Ten Networks, Raycom Sports and the New York Giants.

According to Jacked CEO Bryan Biniak, the site has roughly 300,000 to 500,000 visitors per week, depending on the size and number of games going on, and the average user spends 39-51 minutes on the site.

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Jacked has 15 employees and has raised $6.5 million in venture funding from Provenance Ventures, Core Capital Partners and Gabriel Venture Partners. Biniak says the company’s next round will probably be a strategic round, as media companies the company has talked with have expressed an interest in investing.


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