Hate Comcast? Get Faster DSL in San Francisco


As you all very well know, I have little patience for Comcast (s CMCSA) and its anti-innovation policy of metered broadband. If you are like me and are looking for an option, in San Francisco you can get 18 Mbps ADSL2+ connection from Sonic.net, a small ISP which has puts its own gear in nine central offices in the city. The service called Fusion Broadband isn’t exactly cheap but at least you aren’t going to be metered. CEO Dane Jasper emailed to let us know that his service is also available in Berkeley, Albany, Santa Rose and bunch of other cities.



DSL is slow and outdated. Providers seem to require either an additional charge or a land-line phone. Land-line, like a nightmare, why would I want one? It might ring or even worse, someone might expect me to answer it. Cable and cell phones are the way to go thanks.

John Zeisler

If you’re on the SF peninsula or south bay you can also try Etheric.net . They offer broadband fixed wireless at speeds 15 to 45 megabits per second (**symmetrical**) and latencies around 10 milliseconds.

Sean M

I love my little corner of the Dogpatch but the internet situation here is absolute shit. 768Kbps DSL is OUR ONLY OPTION.

Sonic – if you can cover the south end of 94107 I have a feeling everyone in my building and the building around me will be customers in a heartbeat.

David Simmons

Nice, I hope we see more of this.

It’s frustrating how slow ADSL2+ has been adopted in this country, and how the telephone companies have allowed a public perception to form that DSL is slow. I’m glad I have access to ADSL2+ service (via forethought.net) here in Denver, CO.

Om Malik

@SimonSays You Should Try Covad – they are also offering really high speed connections if you are looking for an option.

@Scott Rafer you should try Sonic.net


94110 and all of the rest of SF will be up in just a few weeks, FYI!


adam jackson

I love Cable because the upload has always been really good. I run webcams out of my house and the upload is important to me.

I’ll check it out though.

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