Coffee break- working outside as it’s perfect


Coffee_man_2What a great day, 65 degrees and brilliant sunshine.  Not one to dawdle indoors when it’s so nice I’m out working on the veranda, that’s a porch in the south, and it couldn’t be better.  There is nothing as stimulating as a change of scenery and a great day is certainly that.  Throw in the fact that Joe Cocker is currently telling me to Leave My Hat On and it is picture perfect.  Sorry, no picture, this is MY perfect day.  :)


John in Norway

I’ve just spent 20 minutes clearing the snow from our verandah but I won’t be sitting out there today. I was in shorts and t-shirt, though.
What annoys me is that the weather forecast said we won’t have any precipitation, yet we’ve had over 10cm so far since Monday. How can these scientists tell us what the climate will be like in 50 years when they can’t even get it right for the next day! Global warming? Bah humbug!


Perfect day eh? Nothing is as perfect as working at the beach on a sunny 80 degree day with a calm wind, watching the sunset over the Pacific.

But I guess not everybody has a beach house with a pergola in Malibu. :)

C. Zbinden

Wow that weather must have really gone to your head. It was the girl that was asked to keep her hat on by Randy Newman not Joe Cocker. There’s a few Oscars difference.

Robert Nelson

We have been having similar weather here (in Florida) for the past few days, and like you I have taken advantage of the cool air and moved my “office” out on the back patio. Just another pleasure of working online — the ability to work from just about anywhere.


Up here in Maine it’s 37 degrees, with 30-50 mph winds and raining(snowing a little farther north).
It’ still a perfect day, just not so perfect as yours.

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