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9 iPhone Apps to Keep You Fit

You may have caught our round-up of iPhone apps for your car from a few weeks ago. Well, it’s time for another batch, so here’s our our list of 9 fitness-related iPhone apps. Once again, each item on the list links to a full review with feature and pricing information. Enjoy!

Nutrition/Weight/Health Information Apps

Restaurant Nutrition
If you eat a lot of fast food, but you’re morbidly curious and want to know what you’re putting in your body, then this is the app for you. I like it because it helps me eat reasonably well when I’m on the road.

LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker
You probably recognize the Livestrong name from Lance Armstrong’s charitable organization that made yellow bracelets omnipresent. Well, now they’ve given us an app that keeps track of your daily calorie intake/burn.

An adorable robot that keeps track of your weight for you. A great app that’s beautifully designed, in addition to being useful, with nice sound effects, graphics and animations.

Personal Trainer Apps

iPump Total Body
The perfect app for the meat-heads in the crowd. Not my personal fave when it comes to this category, but it might appeal to people who are just making the jump from more traditional workout aids like videos and DVDs.
The best fitness app for general users, since it gives you all the basics, but you can also customize it as much as you need to.
GymGoal Lite
Whether you’ve set a serious goal to meet, or you just want to keep track of your workouts, this iPhone app can help you. Has some nice extras that may or may not suit your particular needs.

Run/Walk/Bike Tracker Apps

A perennial favorite in the App Store, RunKeeper is definitely more than capable of keeping track of your runs. Good integration with an online site makes it an inexpensive alternative to Nike+ for iPhone users.
Store all of your aerobic workout information in one convenient, portable location with this app. It might not record the info for you, but it does do a good job of organizing and analyzing it.
Sometimes you don’t want all the bells and whistles, just a clean app that monitors your progress when you’re out for a run. Fitnio fits the bill, giving the casual runner or biker everything they need at a price that’s unbeatable.

53 Responses to “9 iPhone Apps to Keep You Fit”

  1. Kayla June

    Has anyone downloaded the new app 12 Week Fitness, its based off the Body for Life program. Its pretty cool and figured I would mention it in case you haven’t heard of it yet. The Lite versions alright but the full version is better. Its not for diet though, its mainly for working out :)

  2. Looks like you’ve ignored Apple’s Web app category. I’ve tried the rather simplistic apps available on the App store and was rather disappointed. Finally I’ve found the best fitness app, in the Web app section, Apple Staff Pick – FitSync: http// I can use it OFFLINE and online. GReat videos, charts, FAcebook feeds, widgets, huge library of exercises and workouts … you need to check out FitSync.

  3. Here’s a new app I just used this morning: – Workout of the Day app has a no-gym-required workout for every day of the year. (I wrote all the workouts–took forever!)

    Unlike some of these others that help you track by asking you to input stuff, this app is more about inspiring you, helping you think of things to do when you are too tired or don’t feel like being creative. Not really a replacement for the above, but a good companion.

  4. This is a pretty good list, but I think that it could use some updating…

    I completely agree with the nutrition apps, but I think that the personal training list is a bit weak. I can’t really get what all the hype about iTrainer is about, every time that they add functionality to please the customers that wanted things that should have been there in the beginning, they do so in a very confusing and unthoughtful way. Personally, I am a much bigger fan of Trainer Mobile.

  5. I totally love Finio!

    Thanks for the suggestion, it is way easier to use than the other fitness apps.
    I love the simplicity of the application, I can’t wait to show it to my friends.

    Thanks again,


  6. I agree with Ryan. Trainer Mobile trumps all those other apps. For the price tag the amount of content is staggering compared to iPump or iFitness for that matter. Couldn’t recommend a better work out app.

  7. I have lost 40lbs since July and use Weight Track to track my weight which then syncs to OKC Million (Oklahoma City Weight Loss program, i live in FL but use it just to backup to the “cloud”).

    Recommended App: Weight Track

  8. I have the Nike+ (an older version) and what I really want is some app that will give me splits automatically. In other words, have the trainer voice tell me that I just ran the last mile in a 8:30 pace. Does anything like that exist?

  9. What’s with the RSS spam? Why when you do these kind of posts (which I think are a good idea) do I get nine preceding articles for each individual app (not a good idea)?

    It’s a little annoying to have my feed reader get so many articles when they are all summed up and linked to in one articles at the end of it all. Seems a little unnecessary.