Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses Sprint Of Cheating Thousands Of Workers Out Of Commissions


Sprint (NYSE: S) just can



I am also interested in any lawsuits based on inadequate reporting of sales commission. I have specific personal knowledge of a company (Not Sprint) that does not accurately report all sales.


I would appreciate the information as well. I have been a dealer for almost 15 years,and am being hung very slowly by Sprint/Nextel. I have other issues that I need addressed. Please forward me the info so that i may join this class action lawsuit. Thank you


Is there anywhere to find information on participating in the class action lawsuit. I have been trying to address this issue for almost 2 years and am amazed that someone successfully managed to bring this case into action. I would appreciate the information of the attorney's office handling this case. Or the class action case number in the US Dist Kansas Court

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