Blaze Mobile Launches Mobile Wallet And Movie Ticket Service


imageAlameda, Calif.-based Blaze Mobile says it is launching two services, Blaze Wallet and Blaze Movies. The Blaze Mobile Wallet service lets people check bank accounts, pay bills, make transfers, and provides access to Blaze Movies, which allows people to buy movie tickets up to seven days in advance. The company said the Blaze Wallet service is available to AT&T (NYSE: T) customers from the company’s Web site, and the Blaze Movie service is available on T-Mobile USA. The Mobile Wallet service, which has access to more than 8,000 financial institutions, will cost $4.99 a month. The Blaze Movie service, which allows people to get electronic tickets on their phone, will cost $3.99 a month, plus a $1 convenience fee for each purchase.

The company, which was founded in March 2005, has raised $6 million in angel financing, and has 15 employees, said Blaze’s Founder and CEO Michelle Fisher. The company has a partnership with Mastercard, which also lets people buy things with their phone at the point of purchase. Users get a sticker that sticks to the phone, and then when it’s waived in front of participating locations, it makes a payment. The purchases are applied to a Blaze Mobile credit service, provided by Mastercard.

Fisher said the idea of mobile banking and buying movie tickets on the phone isn’t new, but they are approaching it in a different way. She said there are a lot of movie ticket services, but many of them require you to triple tap your credit card number into the phone, and then you still have to show your credit card once you arrive (like on, but Blade provides an electronic ticket on the phone. As far as mobile banking, it’s a concept that’s taken off in Asia, but has been slower to come to North America. With the Blaze application it goes for a collaboration approach. Rather than be a standalone app for one bank, it provides access to thousands, and also provides integration with reward cards for things, such as rental cars, airlines and hotels. With the weak economy, Fisher said: “We think that our wallet can enable consumers to track finances better, and that

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