Warner Premiere and Bryan Singer Do H+

Warner Premiere, a digital content production division at Warner Bros., will team up with director Bryan Singer’s (The Usual Suspects) production company, Bad Hat Harry Productions, to create the new live-action sci-fi series H+.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso will executive produce and write the show. Singer will not be serving as director, however, so the production will be searching for one of those, as well as a cast.

H+ reportedly revolves around people who hardwire their brains to the Internet and the aftermath of a cyber terrorist attack that wipes many of them out.

Up to this point, Warner Premiere has focused on motion comics, such as Batman: Mad Love, Watchmen and Peanuts. Its slate is expected to be more balanced with live-action series going forward.

Warner will have to leverage Singer’s name, as it has chosen a crowded genre to get into. Sci-fi series are all the digital rage these days. NBC has Gemini Division, Disney’s Stage 9 will be releasing Trenches and 60Frames is doing Ark, to name just a few.