T-Mobile G1 does Opera Mini and Visual Voicemail


Tmobileg1Matt Miller called our attention to two new programs in the T-Mobile Android Market for the G1.  Opera Mini 4.2 Beta is a solid browser on any device and I’ve been playing with it on the G1.  It’s too early to call it good or bad, it’s just different than the Android browser.  It’s lightning fast however you look at it.  Also up for grabs in the Market is the Visual Voicemail program from Fusion.  This is a no-frills voicemail program for the G1 that lets you see your voicemail like messages, like the iPhone and the Blackberry Storm.  It requires a free account at Fusion and for all your voice mail calls to be forwarded to their service.  It’s great to see activity in the Android Market, here’s hoping we see constant additions to the offering.


Jake Ludington

I’m using PhoneTag for voicemail to text conversion with my G1 and overall I like it. YouMail.com offers a more full featured visual voicemail experience that works with the G1 – if you don’t want voice to text conversion, it’s free.

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