Preparing for Productivity in 2009


As we approach the end of 2008 it is a great time to think about doing a year end review and to begin setting goals for 2009. I’m not usually a fan of the typical New Year’s resolution but the transition into a new year is a logical time to make changes and start something new.

A common goal for a lot of folks is to get organized and be more productive, and for many this means committing to an organizational framework like David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  I’ve been thinking about throwing my hat into the GTD ring but it seems like an overwhelming task.

So I was pleased to see our fine mobile friends at jkOnTheRun alerting us that the premier issue of Productive Magazine is available as a free downloadable PDF.  This new publication is full of useful information about the GTD system and should be a good resource for the newbie or a seasoned veteran.

My first action item of the day – Done!

Do you GTD? Will Productive Magazine help you Get Things Done?



For oursourcing markets, that’s a very good time to do business (this is the time of the year when hurried clients numbers are double)

They are traditionally good for planning because most of us have free days to think about business etc. however, I’m not quite sure that’s the optimum time to set new milestones simply because this period of the year is focused on spending… and my goal is to do profit.


Mark Roseman

Scott, I’ve just released a Mac productivity application called Aspire that might be of interest; rather than daily task management a la GTD, it’s more focused on long term “big picture” goals.

Not a replacement of course, both short-term and long-term productivity are important! Nice to get a sanity check every once in a while that your day-to-day work supports your life goals, and as you say, year end is a great time to do this.

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