Hidden 3G cards in HP Mini 1000? Not likely for the U.S. version


331033cllThanks to an enterprising Pocketables forum member, we see that at least one HP Mini 1000 netbook has 3G hardware secreted under the hood. That sounded a little odd to me here in the U.S. and I’d hate to see folks get disappointed by adding the HP firmware download and a SIM card only to have nothing exciting happen.

I’ve got a note in to HP to verify the news, but here’s my educated guess: if you bought an HP Mini 1000 in the U.S., it likely didn’t come with a 3G card. Why do I say that? Well, the poster who shared the information mentions the model number of 1033-CL. A quick Google of that turns up several entries to purchase or gain support for said netbook. Clearly the product exists, but every front page link in the returned Google search is for a non-U.S. website.

An HP support link is the first, for example. Click that link and you’ll see that you’re on the HP site for the United Kingdom. The second link is to purchase the HP Mini 1033-CL from Costco… in Canada. Several more links exist for additional European areas. Long story short: unless I hear back from HP that I’m dead wrong, don’t expect to pop a SIM card in a U.S.-based HP Mini 1000 and get 3G going. As for Minis in other countries: HP might have included this due to expected netbook subsidization plans with carriers. I’m surprised that they included the actual 3G hardware in non-subsidized netbooks, but maybe that was an oversight on just a few individual devices.



So can anyone confirm the model at Costco has Gobi? The ATT subidised ones at some retailers do and you can add it as a customization at hp.com, but it ends up much more than the Costco device if you do….if that one has Gobi, at $425 its a steal.


Hey guys,

After exploring the installation files in HEX, I found the password for the installation file!

The password is: SvcAct1vate


Mike V

I just received my hp mini and can confirm that I do have the available slot for sim and the 3g device is preinstalled on the hp mini and only needs drivers. I have not tested the data service as I have no subscriptions. The sim slot is not just a prepunched empty slot, it has gold connectors in it for contact with sim card and as soon as drivers were put on the OS detected new hardware. I am still playing around with it and plan to post back. jkOnTheRun – Thanks for the info I would have never looked if I never crossed this page.

Kevin L

I have a suspicion that the mini 1000 has a gobi chip embedded for connectivity and that hp is just working out pricing with all the carriers. The hp mini manual lista a part number for an embedded wwan chip. That part isn’t purchasable (figures if it’s embedded) and if you reference what other laptops use that part #, its all the lappys that offer embedded gobi.

Scott F.

I’m trying to confirm this myself at the moment. While the drivers installed just fine, the AT&T broadband software that’s bundled with the referenced HP service pack (sp41365) asks for a password to continue installation, and no one at either HP or AT&T seems to know what that is. If anyone knows it, please share so we can confirm whether or not this will work.


I picked up a mininote a few days ago at Costco in NJ a few days ago. It is indeed the 1033CL and has the sim slot to boot. It is a neat little device that, thusfar, seems to get pretty much everything right. Great size, sleek form factor, awesome keyboard and trackpad for a netbook. The only issue I find with it is the battery life due to the anemic 3cell battery.
Unfortunately I am out of the country right now so I can’t test it out with my sim card but if it does indeed have it… sweet!

Alex Whiteside

I’m beginning to suspect that the Mini 1000 will (mostly) ship with 3G as standard, while the Mini 700 will have 3G as an option. That’s the only explaination I can think of for the oddness.


Yes, the 1033CL is a model carried by Costco. I played with one a few nights ago…nice little machine, very small compared to the other 10″ netbooks on the market.

Lo Szabo

In Austria the HP Mini is offered with two 3G wireless subscription plans already: A1 and Orange. With Orange it is EUR 0,- for the HP Mini and EUR 25,- per month for two years…

Carl Irving

I’m sorry to disappoint you but you can actually fondle a 1033CL at the Galleria Costco here in Houston. Not that there is any reason to believe that it would have 3G hardware, but it most certainly is a model available in the US.

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