Black Friday Sales Starting Early


Black Friday is almost upon us and could be one of the best days in recent memory for web workers to buy new technology at fair prices. Not only will there be discounts on new computers, displays, and more, but some of the discounts are already arriving.

Many WebWorkerDaily readers are Mac users, and, as jkOnTheRun notes, Best Buy is already slashing prices on almost all MacBook models that they sell. “Most models are a cool $100 off but a few others are noteworthy,” they report. “The 13-inch new MacBook is discounted $150 making it just $1449.” Here are some more ideas on where to look, and where not to look, for bargains.

The deals on Macs noted by JKOnTheRun are particularly notable because Apple tends to strictly control how Macs–especially new models–are priced. Right now, though, you can get a nicely stocked MacBook Air at Best Buy for $1,299. This notebook is number one on my tech wish list right now, really a marvel of design.

As good as the MacBook Air is, though, Lenovo and Toshiba have some very competitive notebooks available on the PC side now. As noted here, some of the PC notebooks are going to be very cheap on Black Friday as well. Best Buy will have a Toshiba 15.4-inch Dual-Core Turion 64 X2 with 3GB of RAM and 120GB hard drive for $379. That is a truly nice notebook, well-stocked, for the kind of price you would expect a netbook to go for.

As you probably know, Circuit City is shutting down almost 160 stores nationwide, and there are some deep discounts at some of the stores being shut down. As far as good tech products, go, though, I was in one of the outlets being shut down over the weekend,and I found the prices pretty high. It may be worth checking how the prices look on Black Friday.

If you are going to go tech bargain hunting on Friday, keep in mind that things are going to start very early at big outlets. Best Buy and Circuit City are opening their stores at 5:00 a.m.

Staples is also slashing prices on several kinds of technology products in honor of Black Friday, and the prices are already down on many of them. I have my eye on this 21.6-inch flat-panel LCD monitor for under $140.

While I’m probably not going to spring for a MacBook Air on Friday, I am going to go looking for a good price on a larger capacity USB thumb drive than the one I have now. The capacities on these have gotten incredibly large at low prices, and it’s very convenient to store lots of software applications on them.



Everytime I look into my website visitor stats I’m susprsed by the low no of visits on Friday… it’s just 4times lowe then any other day :)

But this specific black Friday it’s only meant to filter the market for quality…



This is my first year ever shopping on Black Friday. I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous. Even if the crowds are less than expected, I’m not a big fan of waking up early. I hope I’m alert enough to find the good deals!


Rumor has it, this years black friday is going to have fewer shoppers. Obviously, due to the market, but I still can’t believe this market is collapsing and affecting us so drastically!

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