Growth Of Mobile Internet Outpacing PC-based Surfing In UK


The use of the mobile internet in Britain grew eight times as fast as the growth of the wired internet, according to the latest study from research firm Nielsen Online. Of course, the actual number of Britons surfing the wired internet is still overwhelmingly higher. The Mobile Media View report found that from Q2 to Q3 2008, the number of Britons using the mobile internet increased by 25 percent to 7.3 million from 5.8 million. By comparison, the number of Britons surfing the wired web is 35.5 million, up a modest 3 percent from Q2 to Q3. As expected, the report found that the mobile online audience is younger than its PC-based counterpart, with 25 percent of mobile internet consumers aged 15-24 years old, compared to 16 percent for PC-based consumers. Also as expected, there is a higher concentration of those 55+ surfing the PC internet (23 percent), than on the mobile internet (12 percent). This last figure

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