This Phantasmagoric Life: Acquisition Talks Between Facebook And Twitter Break Down


image So, Twitter still believes it can figure out how to generate some revenues. Kara Swisher is reporting that the rumors about Facebook acquiring Twitter were not only true, but that talks between the microblogging company and the social-network site broke down three weeks ago. The social net was offering to acquire the company for $500 million of its stock, but Twitter execs and investors apparently believe the company should



A match made in close source heaven. A joining together of web 2.0 content share croppers.

Do the members that give each service value have any say in this ?
What happens to members of Facebook and twitter that do not want to use the services if this acquisition happens ? Members and Communities have given both companies there value. Members should have a voice and if not they should be able take the code and create and extend the services that they have given value.

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